True Blood’s New Beginnings: Immortal Monday

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It’s been a weekend of epic events. My family enjoyed their first few days of summer freedom, we celebrated Father’s Day, thoroughly loved Man of Steel on the big screen, and we were more than pleased with the season premiere of True Blood. And that’s where our #ImmortalMonday  topic is going this week―True Blood.

We’ve explored True Blood in the past. I, like many others, became familiar with the story and characters by way of the books, long before there was a television show. Like many books transformed into a series, the original stories have become more of a guide.

Thank you, God!

The stories surrounding Sookie Stackhouse involve a vast number of supernatural beings, the least of which are the immortal vampires and Fae.  Yes, there are plenty of side storylines with shape shifters, werewolves, witches, and many more, but let’s face the truth―we all tune in for the vampires, or better yet―Alexander Skarsgard (Eric Northman). Okay, okay. I’ll admit there is a large fan base lusting for loving Joe Manganiello (Alcide Herveaux).

At its open the show was fresh and interesting, but it has since lost its way. With the shows comeback and the jump into season six there’s new blood at the helm with Brian Buckner taking Alan Balls place. Brian wants to direct the storylines back to that fresh first season feel. There was more excitement in episode one of season six then in all of season five. For those of you who tuned in, wouldn’t you agree?

When we left the cast at the end of last season, Bill Compton ingested the blood of Lilith. If you are unfamiliar with Lilith, she was considered a goddess to the vampires. Her blood is very powerful and it transforms Bill, killing him and bringing him back from the true-death (possibly) in her image. She is known in other myths and we have touched on her in the past here. But for the sake of this story we will stick to the one idea.

Bill dies and is reborn as Billith.

He’s the big, bad, ugly. A force to be reckoned with. Now much more than a vampire, do we have any clue what he is? Is he still immortal? My guess is that Bill still holds his immortality card. He’s merely moved up the ladder of ability. And he is damn scary!

Does he have a worthy opponent?


What about Warlow? Years ago Sookie’s parents were killed by Warlow. Additionally, years earlier the first female Fae child within her family had been promised to him. That child would be Sookie. As it turns out, Warlow was Lilith’s protégé. It has become very clear that Lilith is/was a very nasty demon, and we know Warlow is guilty of heinous crimes. So what’s coming for the cast in the coming episodes of True Blood?

Will Billith and Warlow end up going head-to-head? Or is there a bigger plan at work that will find Bill working for Warlow? Immortals are tricky and have had a lot of time to lay down the ground work and figure out the details. I hear Warlow’s presence will really shake things up this season. We may not know what’s real and what isn’t for a long time. I’m looking forward to that.

News on the wire is there will be a significant death in the first few episodes that had the cast crying at the table when they read the script. Any speculation on who we may lose this year? Eric Northman’s return for 2014 is not yet confirmed. Hmm. Due to finances this season has been shortened to ten episodes instead of the normal thirteen.

Are you a True Blood fan? Do you like it when shows take their own path, leaving you with new storylines you’re unfamiliar with? Or would you prefer something true to the books?


Thanks for stopping by! I truly appreciate your support. Until next time, au revoir.

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15 thoughts on “True Blood’s New Beginnings: Immortal Monday”

  1. PatriciaPatricia

    I’m just going to be honest and say, I have no idea what you’re talking about.

    But, I’m glad you’re enjoying summer and you had a nice father’s day!

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

  2. Christine AshworthChristine Ashworth

    Billith? Seriously? That name totally sucks. I so wouldn’t use it and I hope to GOD that it’s a fan thing, and not a show thing. I don’t get cable, so never got into the series. I did read the first book, but it didn’t grab me so I never continued. I think I’d like the series better – but, COME ON. BILLITH? GAG me with a SPOON, lol! NO ONE is sexy when their nickname is BILLITH, lol! (But you know I love you!)

  3. MelindaMelinda

    I have to admit I stopped watching True Blood after the third season (or during it) because it went so far away from the books. Too much random stuff thrown in, too many sex scenes for the sake of having them, and really odd plot things. I didn’t like it, I was a fan of the books and it made me mad. So I left lol. I haven’t read the last two or three though so I’m missing some of the story. I’ll have to finish up the series now that it’s ended.

  4. Emma MeadeEmma Meade

    So much better than last season. Let’s hope it keeps getting better. Warlow is suitably creepy. I kind of wished he’d shoved Jason through the windshield though.

  5. Diana BeebeDiana Beebe

    I couldn’t get through the second season. The cast is great, but the books (and I read only a couple) were so different. I already had too much TV going on, so that one got cut. *shrug* I don’t feel that I missed anything.

  6. Tracey LivesayTracey Livesay

    I didn’t watch past ep 2 of last season and I was tempted not to watch this season. But I can’t help myself. I watched ep. 1, and I liked it enough to record ep. 2, although I haven’t watched it yet. We’ll see…

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