The First Balance Bringer

The First Balance Bringer
Series: The Balance Bringer Origins, Book 2
Genres: fantasy, Young Adult
Tags: coming of age, fantasy, Love story, magic, Recommended Books, young adult
Publisher: Ghost Girl Publishing
Publication Year: 2019
ISBN: 9781942191247

A ceremonial request for balance is granted, but with an unintended consequence. The gift of a balance bringer is inadvertently bestowed upon a newborn baby girl – a half elf, half immortal warrior.


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Before there was Ana and Jaden, there was Deona and Jove…the first incarnation of the Balance Bringer and her Tracer.

In a time of great imbalance, when the elven tribes are retreating to their homeland, abandoning the world of Hiddenkel, three elves come together in a ceremonial request for a bringer of balance.

Their wish is granted, but with an unintended consequence…an early birth sends the ceremonial outcome astray. The gift of a balance bringer is inadvertently bestowed upon a newborn baby girl – a half elf, half immortal warrior.

In order to keep the child’s power in check, her soul is divided into three parts, creating three sisters, each taking on the gift of one element – earth, wind, and water. When the girls come of age in their seventeenth year, awaking the fourth element and drawing the darkness, the time arrives for them to fulfill their destiny. Balance the elements and set the world right once more.

A challenging task for three girls that have never left their homestead circle. And although they have expert control over their elements, they haven’t a clue how to implement their gifts in order to achieve the desired goal. Nevertheless, they will set out to fulfill their destiny, accompanied by their magickal elven aunts, two Fae boys, and a friendly satyr.

Only, the darkness is persistent, adaptable, and possibly something other than what they are expecting. Can the sisters keep themselves and everyone they care about safe, AND achieve the desired balance?  

This fast-paced, action-packed, magical, coming-of-age adventure, with a touch of romance, and a plethora of family entanglements, is ideal for fans of The Mortal Instruments and The Cruel Prince.

The First Balance Bringer is a STANDALONE origin story within the magical world of Balance Bringer. It can be enjoyed separately or read in the suggested order to compliment the primary storyline.