The Moorigad Dragon : Moorigad Part One

The Moorigad Dragon : Moorigad Part One
Series: A Mystic's Carnival Story, Book 1
Genres: dark fantasy, fantasy, New Adult, paranormal
Tag: Recommended Books
Publisher: Ghost Girl Publishing
Publication Year: 10 / 2014
ASIN: 1942191014
ISBN: 9781942191001

Saving a life doesn't go unpunished...

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To be a dragon-shifter in a world that has written your existence off as a legend is hard enough. To be a hybrid dragon-shifter is everything fire and ice wrapped up in dragonet angst.

While hiding from her family and struggling with a life changing decision, runaway and hybrid dragon-shifter, Kyra the Moorigad finds herself falling for her all-too-secretive best friend, Sebastian. A man for which her dragon lineage would never approve.

Delving deeper into Sebastian’s mysteries, Kyra’s goodwill sabotages their future when she saves the wrong man, forcing herself into a protective bond with a dangerous and provocative stranger. Before long Kyra is locked in a battle for her mind, body, and soul. Can the power of the Moorigad dragon-shifter keep the provocative stranger alive and salvage her relationship with Sebastian without losing herself or worse?

  • This is the FIRST BOOK in the Upper Young Adult Paranormal Romance: (Moorigad) Age of the Hybrid Series.
  • Some violence, language, and sexual content. Not suitable for all young carnies.

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