Plight of the Dragon: Moorigad Part Three

Plight of the Dragon: Moorigad Part Three
Series: A Mystic's Carnival Story, Book 3
Genres: fantasy, New Adult, paranormal, Romance, Thriller
Publisher: Ghost Girl Publishing
Publication Year: Coming March 2, 2016
Length: 246
ISBN: 9781942191094

Sebastian and Kyra must save the carnival and each other before darker demons and blood relations destroy everything they have and everything they could ever possibly be.

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“…a marvelous coming of age tale featuring Sebastian and Kyra, two ‘hybrids’ whose search for their identity requires courage, sacrifice, and a questor’s tenacity. …a marvelous read, and it’s most highly recommended.” ~ Jack Magnus for Reader’s Favorite (starred review)

Kyra and Sebastian have again reunited, but their future remains as foggy as the mist around Mystic’s Carnival―uncertain and unpredictable. Fractured and torn, Kyra must restore her dragon-shifter state before her body rejects its divided status.

Mystic’s magic is on Kyra’s side, but the true key to her salvation lies within Sebastian, and for Kyra, he would do anything. Or so he believes. Can he give her up in order to save her? With his father’s crew of Reapers advancing on the carnival, the choice may not be Sebastian’s to make.

  • This is the THIRD and FINAL BOOK in the Upper Young Adult Paranormal Romance: (Moorigad) Age of the Hybrid Series.
  • Some violence, language, sexual content. May not be ideal for innocent carnies.

In a magical world where fairy tales are real, when chaos explodes, will dragons stand on the sidelines or align themselves with their daughter, Kyra, in the fight against evil?

The final book in this action-packed, paranormal romance will leave you glued to your seat and burning through the pages, anxious to discover the story conclusion.


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