Dark Perceptions (Mystic Carnival Collective)

Dark Perceptions (Mystic Carnival Collective)
Series: A Mystic's Carnival Story, Book .5
Genres: fantasy, Horror
Tags: Recommended Books, short story
Publisher: Ghost Girl Publishing
Publication Year: 11/2014
ASIN: B00P873TA8
ISBN: 9781942191025

Perceptions can be excruciatingly misleading―some monsters have hidden claws.

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Love is stronger than fear…or is it?

The last thing Sara remembers is a conflicted night out with her boyfriend, laying out under the dark night’s sky, Matt. How she came to be seated among the crowd under the Big Top is a mystery to her. When and how did she get there? She doesn’t wait to find out. Whether it’s due to basic fear or the scary, hideous clowns, Sara and Matt run. Run beyond the tent walls into the deep, dark alleys of the carnival. What they find along their mad dash to the parking lot will have them redefining their idea of fun zones, thrill rides and date nights. Fear is an eat-you-alive monster. Refusing to be defined by that monster, they will confront those fears. What they find―

perceptions can be excruciatingly misleading…and some monsters have hidden claws.


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