The May Book Fair is here because you can never get enough to read!

Am I right?

You know I’m right.

Pop over and pick up a few books… or a lot of books. And if you haven’t yet read The First Balance Bringer, then might I recommend you just into the story! The book is a FREE read with Kindle Unlimited.

Don’t have Kindle Unlimited? For a limited time you can sign up and only pay $1.99/month! Or take advantage of the 30 day free trail.

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Before there was Ana and Jaden, there was Deona and Jove…the first incarnation of the Balance Bringer and her Tracer.

In a time of great imbalance, when the elven tribes are retreating to their homeland, abandoning the world of Hiddenkel, three elves come together in a ceremonial request for a bringer of balance.

Their wish is granted, but with an unintended consequence…an early birth sends the ceremonial outcome astray. The gift of a balance bringer is inadvertently bestowed upon a newborn baby girl – a half elf, half immortal warrior. Keep reading!


In addition to shopping the variety of books, you have the opportunity to enter the $50 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway! Someone will have to win. Maybe that someone will be you! How awesome would that be?

Happy shopping and GOOD LUCK!


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