Fun, Games, Prizes, and Giveaways!

Tell me you love giveaways and prizes!

If you silently responded with a big “YES” then I have some fun lined up for you!

In my last post, I informed you about the incredible bonus gifts you can claim when you preorder Magical Miri from Barnes & Noble or Apple Books. If you missed that information, you can find it HERE. But those gifts-with-purchase are not the only goodies I have for you. Right now, you can enter for a chance to win a signed paperback edition of Magical Miri along with a witchy mystery-book box packed with lots of cool items. This prize is AWESOME and I want it for myself! LOL!

*Witchy Blind-Date-with-a-Book Book Box by TheMidnightDreary on Esty.

Check out the giveaway and prize then enter for your chance to win!


Preorder bonuses and a BIG book box for a giveaway!!! What more can I offer?

Oh, wait, I know!

This week (until midnight on Friday 10/13) I am participating in a large group hop with several fantastic authors and prizes. I invite you to join the fun. Start with this post in my group, Debra Kristi’s Immortal Warriors, then follow the map to collect the codes along your path to the win!

Thanks for your support… and for checking out the blog!

Until next time, keep your thoughts positive and magical!


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