Book Release: Nowhere Nara

You met Miri in February, hung out with Belle in April, and now it’s time to discover Nara’s story! Prepare yourself for a story from the other side.

Being dead sucks. Being dead with amnesia can suck out your soul.

My father told me to kiss a lot of boys and marry the best of the bunch. I remember an amazing kiss, but it doesn’t matter much now. There’ll be no marriage and no tomorrow. Not for me. The world continues onward, but I’m trapped, unseen and unheard.

The afterlife can be so unfair.

I’m stuck watching my family fall apart, while my once-best friend lives the life I should have had.

The grief roller coaster is not only for the living. Nor is death all peace and serenity.

Now I must sort through the endless well of secrets and lies and beat the clock, fitting together the pieces of my last day before someone else gets hurt, and to save my soul and move on.


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