Magical Miri Release Day

Magical Miri is HERE … just in time for a fun Valentine’s Day read!

During release week the book is only 99 cents. Snag your copy today while this amazing price lasts! After a week, the book will return to full price… $2.99.

Grab your copy of Magical Miri NOW!

☆¨¯`*★。☆¨¯`*★。☆¨¯`*★。BLURB ☆¨¯`*★。☆¨¯`*★。☆¨¯`*★

There are the witches of the Quarter, and then there is the unwanted magical bloodline. The family so secret, even its youngest members are unaware. That would be mine.

“Magick runs in your bloodstream.”

Grandma always told us we came from a powerful bloodline. A bloodline derived from one of the strongest witches in New Orleans past.

Mom disagrees. Had us believing it was nothing but lies.

Wanting to get us away from grandma and her fanciful ideas, Mom moves us in with her boyfriend. Sticks us in the French Quarter. A place where my family isn’t welcome.

My new status quo: life in shambles.

Everything is changing. Mom is always working to pay the new, higher bills, my sister is experimenting with magick, and my brother, I think, maybe drugs. Forced to start at a new school and attempt to make new friends, I’m now having nightmares, seeing ghosts, getting teased as a witch, and preyed on by vampires. Plus, there’s the creepy, stalker ancestor in my head.

But to all my crazy, there’s a silver lining. I’m seeing a new, amazing guy, named Phillip… if Mom’s overbearing boyfriend doesn’t chase him away. Phillip doesn’t know about the supernatural world crashing in around me and I’d like to keep it that way. He is the calm to my chaos.

And my mom’s boyfriend, just may be the triggering cause of my surrounding storm.

How do I straighten out my family and uncover my own personal truth, when the devil in the works might possibly be sleeping under the same roof?

This fast-paced, action-packed, young adult, paranormal coming-of-age adventure, about a New Orleans, magickal bloodline family is ideal for fans of The Bane Chronicles and The Originals.


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1 thought on “Magical Miri Release Day”

  1. scott vannatterscott vannatter

    Ok, Kindle book purchased. Will read it, … someday. I have so many books on kindle that I would have to live in a much larger house if they were paperbacks.

    February 13, 2020

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