Free Activities for Home Isolation

Looking for things to do to help chase away the boredom? We are living in a new world and our next month (or months) will be a challenging adjustment. As an extreme introvert, the quarantine hasn’t changed my life all that much… yet… other than the fact my husband is working from home.

But my case is not a match for so many out there who thrive on regular social interactions. I’m sure a few of you were going stir crazy after the first isolation day. I personally know a few who were. You’ve probably heard the complaints.

I’m bored. What’s something to do that I’ll actually enjoy?

The bright side to the stay-at-home order.

Now is our chance to slow down and learn to savor the quieter, gentler moments – free of rush hour traffic and endless school demands. If only for a short while, we may experience a simpler life.

Here are some things to do to energize your mind and soul:

  1. Read a book! (There are many great ones waiting to be discovered).
  2. Get Kindle Unlimited FREE for 2 Months = endless books! Offer ends April 30th. United States only.
  3. Binge-watch a new show.
  4. Have a Netflix viewing party with your friends.
  5. Go for a bike ride (The fresh air and exercise will do you good!).
  6. Take a walk (walk your dog) or a hike.
  7. Meditate ( I recommend morning meditation to set your day).
  8. Commune with nature.
  9. Do a puzzle.
  10. Craft time! Get creative with what supplies you happen to have.
  11. Start a family game time (board games and cards).
  12. Enter the Hogwarts Digital Escape Room.
  13. Call a friend (instead of text). Phone dates are fun!
  14. Start a journal or practice writing poetry.
  15. Learn to cook something new.
  16. Cook with Chef Massimo Bottura.
  17. Bake with Bread Ahead Bakery.
  18. Attend to those home-fix-it projects that have been waiting.
  19. Color! Coloring books or printables, it’s all good!
  20. Improve your drawing technique with online tutorials.
  21. Organize the spaces you’ve been meaning to get to: cabinets & closets.
  22. Clean out your garage (This is one I really need to do).
  23. Try the free activities offered by Disney & Kennedy Space Center.
  24. Update your musical playlist.
  25. Pamper yourself: bubble bath, face mask, nails, etc.
  26. Enjoy a multitude of free audiobooks.
  27. Do you knit or crochet?
  28. Face time or Skype with friends.
  29. Clean out your email.
  30. Organize your pictures.
  31. Exercise and stretch!
  32. Learn to dance with Debbie Allen on Instagram.
  33. Practice your photography.
  34. Start a garden or cultivate one.
  35. Build a gnome village in your yard.
  36. Learn something new that you’ve been putting off.
  37. Watch Cirque Du Soleil from your sofa.
  38. Write down the things for which you are grateful.

Places to visit virtually! i.e. Virtual Tours:

  1. Take a virtual tour of Yosemite or Yellowstone Park.
  2. Virtually visit the Great Wall of China.
  3. Explore (virtually) the Monterey Bay or Georgia Aquariums.
  4. Take a virtual tour of your favorite museum.
  5. Explore Mars with this 3D replica of the planet’s surface.
  6. Visit, virtually speaking, the San Diego Zoo.
  7. Enjoy every Disneyland attraction from your sofa.
  8. Journey to the Hawaiian islands via Google Earth.
  9. Virtually venture through Orlando’s Sea World.
  10. Discover Florida’s Legoland on line.
  11. Live stream the Northern Lights.
  12. Tour the famous Winchester Mansion from your own home.
  13. Travel through the Paris Catacombs from your computer.
  14. Visit the historic Petra, the Ancient Rose City.
  15. Fifteen roller coasters at Hershypark? Yes please!
  16. Wander through Dracula’s Castle. Bwhahahahaha!
  17. Roam the ruins of Chernobyl.
  18. Take a virtual walking tour of The Stanley Hotel (The Shinning).
  19. Familiarize yourself with 12 Frank Lloyd Wright buildings.

You should also make sure to get plenty of sleep. If you’re working from home, don’t let work become a 24-7 activity. And remember, just because most things are closed and you’ve been told to stay home, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the beauty of the outdoors.

If you are indulging yourself with extra reading time, I can offer you the following:

Consider sweeten your days and the hearts of others by buying gift cards to your favorite businesses, small businesses especially, to help them survive these days of lockdown. Be sure to purchase your gift cards directly from the source so that they are the businesses are the one’s benefiting and not an in between agent.

Hope you have found this list helpful. Maybe it even inspired some new ideas for you. If you have a good idea that isn’t listed, feel free to add the information in the comments for others. Thanks!

Thanks for checking out the blog! Until next time, keep your thoughts positive and magical!


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