Book Cover REVEAL! Woot! Woot!

It’s book cover reveal time! The story’s release is barreling down on us like an angry dragon!

You’ve seen The Moorigad Dragon.

Hopefully you read the Moorigad Dragon – a story told from, Kyra, our heroine’s point of view.

Now it’s time to hear things from the men’s perceptive.

Bring on Sebastian and Marcus in…

 – ★ – Reap Not the Dragon – ★ –

Reap Not the Dragon in Cover Reveal by Debra Kristi, Author

A Reaper with a mission.

 Sebastian is finished following commands. Higher powers be damned. He has his own agenda – find Kyra and help restore her memory.

 At first his plan goes better than expected.  But as life starts looking up for the would-be Reaper, his metaphorical sickle becomes caught in a web of complications.

 Things are never smooth for Sebastian and Kyra.

 Best-laid plans sometimes rest in peace.

 A detour―unexpected and unwelcome―delivers Sebastian into the depths of a grave situation. Misfortune and misunderstanding are the cards dealt to him.  And events fail to flip in his favor.

 Creatures from hell all want a piece of the young Reaper. If Sebastian ends up dead, that’s okay.  For he has a more grievous beast to worry about.  To save the woman he loves, Sebastian will venture into the heart of an all-powerful fire demon.

 Sebastian must find a missing dragon and the key to Kyra’s memory without being devoured by sinister beasts or―even worse―consumed by his own inner demons.


Start your adventure at the beginning and enter to win a signed copy of The Moorigad Dragon to celebrate the coming of Reap Not the Dragon!

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11 thoughts on “Book Cover REVEAL! Woot! Woot!”

  1. PatriciaPatricia

    That cover looks like a tarot card. Very cool and very eye catching. I liked and followed everywhere I could.

    Good luck with sales, Debra.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

  2. Tameri EthertonTameri Etherton

    Gorgeous cover! Sounds like Sebastian, Kyra, and Marcus are in for more troubled fun.

    • tedstrutztedstrutz

      oops… screwed up, I was filling out form and put in comments by mistake.


  3. JeanMPJeanMP

    Wow, love the cover, look forward to reading this book.

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