Magical Miri

Magical Miri

A clueless high school junior in a family with magical roots seeped deep in history and controversy.

Miri’s mother rips her from the only home she has ever known…relocating the family to the French Quarter. A place Miri’s grandmother told her to stay clear of. Pulled away from the safety of the ancestral home, Miri’s life crashes into a wild rollercoaster of nightmares and supernatural improbabilities.

The French Quarter isn’t safe for Miri’s family bloodline.

In Miri’s new living situation, her mother’s boyfriend becomes increasingly suspicious, vampires follow her, and disembodies voices unnerve her. Her secretive siblings show unexpected talents for magic and something inside of her is aching to break free.

Enter Phillip, a sexy senior at Miri’s new school. They are drawn to one another by an attraction, a blooming affection, that grows stronger with each passing day. He is a pillar of support and a tether to sanity, but he is an outsider to the supernatural community.

Miri is running against an unseen clock and must uncover a lot of truths…about herself, her family, and their place in society…in order to protect herself and the people she loves. Can she accept the truths waiting to be revealed?

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