Clever Chloe

Clever Chloe
Series: The Gifted Girls Series, Book 4
Genres: dark fantasy, paranormal, Romance, Young Adult
Tags: coming of age, magic, paranormal, Recommended Books, young adult
ISBN: 9781942191322

Death is my gift... my curse... my power to connect our world with the otherworld.

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Death is my gift… my curse… my power to connect our world with the otherworld.

I was born into a family of blood witches. Each of us with our own unique gifts. Mine – spiritual communication. Only, I’m still learning how it all works, and how to best protect myself. When I step outside of my family’s magickally protected home, I become a magnet for the dead seeking serenity.

Gram-Gram’s final words to me:¬†Isaac needs you … His time is waning. You must find him. Release him.

Isaac is the grandpa I’ve never met. No one has seen him in ages.

Now I’m on a mission to find my long missing Grandpa and the uncle who disappeared several years back. The dead will help me piece together the clues. Help me find the family we’ve lost. If others don’t halt my process. French Quarter witches and vampires are spying on me, hoping I’ll lead them to the key that will give them control the city. And a dark and unholy spirit, bent on destroying me, holds the answer to my search.

To complete the mission, I’ll need to master my command of the otherworld.

This fast-paced, action-packed, young adult, paranormal coming-of-age adventure, about a New Orleans, magickal bloodline family is ideal for fans of The Originals and Charmed.


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