Empowering: The Balance Bringer

Empowering: The Balance Bringer
Series: The Balance Bringer Chronicles, Book 1.3
Genres: fantasy, Young Adult
Tags: coming of age, fantasy, magic, Recommended Books, young adult
ISBN: 9781942191216

To know one’s self is no simple matter.

Prepare for an emotional journey and plunge into the gripping third installment of Debra Kristi’s award-winning Balance Bringer Chronicles and ride along with Ana and her gang as thy move closer to the beckoning mystic.

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To know one’s self is no simple matter.

Plunge into the third installment in Debra Kristi’s Balance Bringer Chronicles and prepare for an emotional journey.

To get the answers she seeks and successfully become the foretold Balance Bringer, Ana must travel to the City of Palinot and the woodlands beyond, to the sanctuary of the fabled mystic and guide to all Balance Bringers who have come before. An internal battle rages within Ana, a clash of self and sisterhood and Ana struggles for identity clarity and empowerment.

To make things worse, Jaden is dealing with an infection, a strained relationship with Ana, and the unexpected appearance of someone from his past. Yes…matters are becoming rather complicated. Plus, Dohlan lurks in the shadows and Dreya is hot on Ana’s tail.

As Ana learns more about herself and those close to her, she realizes how little she understands her sisterly connection or controls her newly awakened attributes. With a fervent battle unfolding within her core and Dreya’s demented magical influence spreading, bent on destroying everything Ana holds dear, Ana’s only chance at survival and keeping the scales of light and dark from being irrevocably thrown out of balance, is to locate the old mystic and gain the women’s help in conquering her inner demons.

Jaden and Ryland know what they are willing to risk for Ana, but can she cut through the confusion of her internal becoming and awakening, outwit Dreya’s tireless attacks, and avoid the confusion of Dohlan, so that she may empower herself enough to accomplish what must be done?

To know one’s self can be a difficult undertaking and the secrets of the past or buried psyche memories could prove deadly as Ana and Jaden search for their truths and face old and new foes in the third installment of The Balance Bringer Chronicles


The gripping third installment of the award-winning Balance Bringer Chronicles continues as our team moves closer to the beckoning mystic.