Becoming: The Balance Bringer

Becoming: The Balance Bringer
Series: The Balance Bringer Chronicles, Book 1.1
Genres: fantasy, Young Adult
Tag: Recommended Books
Publisher: Ghost Girl Publishing
Publication Year: 2015
ISBN: 9781942191186

Ana Janssen is becoming something other. She's becoming what the world needs.

If only someone had told her what that would cost.

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Becoming: The Balance Bringer by Debra Kristi, author as YA Fantasy

Her hidden, magical gift may have just killed her boyfriend.

The innocence of Ana’s youth is shattered when her boyfriend is killed in a car accidentone she is certain she somehow caused. Tormented by grief and guilt, Ana seeks refuge in the dream world of Hiddenkel, where she finds a fierce sister, a mysterious green-eyed boy, and a darkly seductive presence drawn by her blood.

It all seems like a trauma-induced escape from reality…until she spots the green-eyed boy in person at the local Farmer’s Market. The line between her dream world and waking life have blurred, and if she doesn’t get her strange, dangerous powers under control, more people could die. 

As darkness seeks her, bent on her destruction, Ana discovers the dream world of Hiddenkel is real…and in grave danger. But if she doesn’t get her powers under control, her efforts to save their universe will destroy their world instead. 

If you devoured the MORTAL INSTRUMENTS series, then you’ll adore this award-winning, action-packed, romance-touched, coming-of-age adventure of love, sacrifice, and destiny.


2015 Indie Excellence Award Finalist   °   Best Indie Book Award Finalist   °   IAN Book of the Year Finalist   °   Writer’s Digest Honorable Mention

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