New Stories for the Balance Bringer

Ana and the members in her circle have new stories for you. Are you ready to keep the adventure going? Check out the latest additions to the unfolding saga of the Balance Bringer.

Immortal warrior… Fae princess… Elemental wielder.

Ana had a plan to stop her evil Aunt Dreya, known by many as the Dark Water Witch. The plan failed. Epically.

Now, her friends and loved ones are suffering, and she will do anything to set right what her actions have wrought. She’ll even try the inconceivable. After all, things can’t get any worse than they already are, can they? Definitely, yes.

And this time, her choices may have doomed more than her friends and loved ones. She may have quickened the demise of her realm and worlds beyond. A consequence Ana won’t let become a reality. After all, it’s her destiny to claim and mess to clean up.

Ana must face her most challenging battle yet, against space and time, to get the course of history back on track.

Devoted sister. Good-intentioned daughter. And a yet-to-be-discovered thirst for revenge that will change everything.

Long before she set her evil sights upon the Balance Bringer, Dreya Etheonia Raine lost everything when she fell through the ice and encountered a meeting at the bottom of a frozen lake.

There, she shifted from princes to prisoner. Trapped in a curse and hidden from society, she became her family’s embarrassing secret. No longer in line to be queen of Fae, her dreams of being a just ruler with a great love at her side is quashed.

All she can hope for now is the chance to escape royal lock up by running away to the floating islands in search of sanctuary, a regaining of freedoms lost, and the fabled being some believe may be a demon. But in a land filled with magic and monsters, who will become the greatest monster of them all? The one who has always been a part of her world, the one who comes in search of her, or the one buried deep within her own soul?

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