A Balance Bringer Boxed Set Now Here

The first three books in The Balance Bringer Chronicles is finally available in an easy to follow boxed set…and a fabulous discounted price! For a limited time, you can grab the set (3 full books) for only $2.99!

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Ancient elven magic. Fae family secrets. And three sisters who are the one Balance Bringer.

Binge read the first three books in The Balance Bringer Chronicles in this special boxed set! At over 1,300 pages in print, it’ll keep you turning the pages late into the night (and…on a normal day…by buying the box set, you’ll save over 25% off the cost of buying the books individually).

Right now, during the release sale of this boxed set, you basically get books two and three for FREE!



The innocence of Ana’s youth is shattered when her boyfriend is killed in a car accident—one she’s certain she somehow caused. Tormented by grief and guilt, she seeks refuge in the dream world of Hiddenkel, with her fierce sister, a mysterious green-eyed boy, and a darkly seductive presence drawn by her blood.

It could be a trauma-induced escape from reality…until she spots the green-eyed boy in person at the local Farmer’s Market. The line between her dreams and waking life have blurred, and if she doesn’t get her strange, dangerous powers under control, more people could die.

As darkness seeks her, bent on her destruction, she discovers the dream world of Hiddenkel is real…and in grave danger. But if she doesn’t get control of her powers, her efforts to save the universe will destroy her world instead.



The secrets have been exposed. Ana knows who and what she is meant to be and meant to do.

But when the life of Ana’s brother is in jeopardy, goals and needs are reevaluated, and priorities shift. An intense sense of urgency pushes her to make her way toward the rescue and recovery of her sisters, yet an equally weighted need pushes her to secure the health of her brother.

Can Ana save them all, sisters and brother, while struggling with her physical changes of becoming the Balance Bringer and dealing with her internal conflict that is her attraction to her Tracer and the pull to the dream incubus that would make her his own?



Fingers of darkness are spreading over the world of Hiddenkel, corrupting everything they touch and threatening every other world in the realm. Only Ana, the Balance Bringer, can stop it.

But she isn’t ready to fulfill her destiny, yet.
Her journey is rife with danger, not only for her but for her allies as well. Even Ana’s dreams are under psychological attack. Ana is weak and confused, and as her confusion blossoms into paranoia, something inside her is shifting, threatening to unravel.

How can Ana possibly return balance to Hiddenkel when she herself has been touched by darkness?

Praise for The Balance Bringer Chronicles:
★★★★★ “an essential addition to any young adult fantasy fan’s bookshelf.”
 K.C. Finn, Reader’s Favorite
★★★★★ “An EXCITING and ORIGINAL idea!

Grab this award-winning, Young Adult fantasy and start the journey today! Experience the thrilling first half of the Balance Bringer’s magical adventure as she works at unraveling ancient secrets that can save or devour all existing worlds.

This boxed set contains three books in USA Today bestselling author Debra Kristi’s Balance Bringer Chronicles:
1) Becoming: The Balance Bringer
2) Awakening: The Balance Bringer
3) Empowering: The Balance Bringer

What are you waiting for? Grab the first three books of The Balance Bringer Chronicles for only $2.99 TODAY!

Start reading this boxed set NOW!


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