Becoming: The Balance Bringer is on SALE!

For a limited time…seriously, less than one week…BECOMING: THE BALANCE BRINGER is on SALE for only 99 cents!

I can’t remember the last time this book dropped in price to less then one dollar.

You don’t want to miss this sale. If you haven’t already snagged your copy, now is the time to do so. And if you are a Kindle Unlimited customer, don’t worry, the book will be back in the KU system next week and available for your adventure to begin.

But seriously, for this amazing price, why not take advantage of the sale and snag a copy to have forever?


My hidden, magical gift may have just killed my boyfriend.

The innocence of my youth is shattered when my boyfriend is killed in a car accident—one I’m certain I somehow caused. Tormented by grief and guilt, I seeks refuge in the dream world of Hiddenkel, where I find a fierce sister, a mysterious green-eyed boy, and a darkly seductive presence drawn by my blood.

It all seems like a trauma-induced escape from reality…until I spot the green-eyed boy in person at the local Farmer’s Market. The line between my dream world and waking life have blurred, and if I don’t get my strange, dangerous powers under control, more people could die.

As darkness seeks me, bent on my destruction, I discover the dream world of Hiddenkel is real…and in grave danger. But if I don’t get my powers under control, my efforts to save the universe will destroy my world instead.

If you devoured the MORTAL INSTRUMENTS series, then you’ll adore this award-winning, action-packed, romance-touched, coming-of-age adventure of love, sacrifice, and destiny.

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