Empowering: The Balance Bringer is HERE!

Today is release day for Empowering: The Balance Bringer. Can I get a woohoo???

I am super excited to finally bring you the third book in this adventure. Have you been following Ana’s journey? If so, you don’t want to miss what exciting stuff she faces in this book. Oh, but wait, that’s not all the news I have to share. The fourth book is already slated to release before the end of the year!!! Yay!!!

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Now, without further ado…Book Three, Empowering: The Balance Bringer, available today! Snag your copy HERE!

Buffy meets The Chronicles of Narnia!

Plunge into the third installment in Debra Kristi’s Balance Bringer Chronicles and prepare for an emotional journey.

Fingers of darkness are spreading over the world of Hiddenkel, corrupting everything they touch and threatening every other world in the realm. Only Ana, the Balance Bringer, can stop it.

But Ana isn’t ready to fulfill her destiny. Her powers are just awakening. If she has any hope of winning this war against the darkness, she must find Madame Marrouske, the mysterious mystic who has trained all previous Balance Bringers.

The journey to meet the mystic is rife with danger, not only for Ana but for her allies as well. She isn’t even safe in her dreams, where her wicked aunt Dreya unleashes psychological attacks that leave Ana weak and confused.

As her confusion blossoms into paranoia, Ana lashes out against her friends.Something inside her is shifting, threatening to unravel.

How can Ana possibly return balance to Hiddenkel when she herself has been touched by darkness?

The gripping third installment of the award-winning Balance Bringer Chronicles continues as our team moves closer to the beckoning mystic.

The Mortal Instruments meets The Cruel Prince in Awakening: The Balance Bringer, the third book in a series of dark, urban fantasy turned fantasy paranormal tales. If you enjoy strong female leads in supernatural coming-of-age stories with high-stakes action, then you’ll love USA Today Bestselling author Debra Kristi’s imaginative new series.

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