March Madness Giveaways and Hot Deals!

Giveaways and Book Deals are the best, aren’t they? And I can proudly say, I am involved in a few this month.

I have been a busy little mother and author. So busy, I am involved in all kinds of monthly goodness! Giveaways, contests, and deals, oh my! But I’ve been almost too busy. I have neglected to update you here on the blog. So here we go, my March Madness list. Shop the fun and get involved!

Explore the March Madness Giveaways and Deals

L.J. Smith Night World / Vampire Diaries Book & Necklace Giveaway!

23 Books and a Kindle Giveaway ~ FREE KU Reads

The March YA KU Reading Challenge

Awesome YA / NA Paranormal Giveaway

Moorigad March YA KU Reading Challenge Giveaway One & Two

March Freebies! Some of the best!

The March Book Fair (All books between 0.99c and $2.99)


Until next time, keep it real yet keep it magical!

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