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No Limitations #POTOS in Friday's Play On The Other Side - #POTOS Fiction by Debra Kristi, authorIt’s time for #POTOS Fiction! Are you ready? Have you been following along? If not, now is as good as anytime to jump in!

Feel free to share. Include the hashtag #POTOS — Play on the other side. Because fun fiction is just that – escaping reality, for as long as the reading last.

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Today’s #POTOS fiction share: The Moorigad Dragon

Snippet from Chapter Three

Kyra released Chelsea and ran, ran hard. Adrenaline pumping in a ka-thump whoosh, repeat. With each stride closer, more ash, more debris showered upon her. Something fluttered up against her. She grabbed it, its edges still glowing. It was a partially burnt card.

An instant light explosion―recognition. A tarot card.

She flipped it over.


A dancing skeleton stared up at her. Death. So similar to the one she’d returned to Sebastian. Maybe the very same one. Sebastian had gone back to work. He should be safe. But then why was his card fluttering into her hand?

Bolting into the clearing, she cursed the drag pulling her to Marcus again. She needed to get to him. Had to protect him.

The trailers scattered out before her in no particular pattern. A few remained untouched by the flames, but the majority burned, each engulfed at varied degrees. Her friends, her family―so many in danger!

“Marcus!” The roar of Kyra’s beast crept into her scream with a fever pitch. Called by the fire, her dragon clawed to the surface, edged into her features.


Yikes! What terrible misfortune has befallen our heroine? Fire. Fire and trailers! Not good. Not good at all!

If you haven’t been following along you can catch the Chapter One’s snippet here and the share from Chapter Two here. Want to keep reading? I don’t mind if you do! 😉 Find the complete story on Amazon now: The Moorigad Dragon. 

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