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"Get lost in a story" in Fiction Friday Exploration #POTOS by Debra Kristi, authorWe’re going to start something new on Fridays, fiction share. Let’s see if I can keep it up. 😉 

#POTOS stands for play on the other side. That thing we do when we step away from our hectic life and allow ourselves to get lost in a story—be it for only thirty minutes, an hour, or much, much longer.

#POTOS will be our new Friday. Bringing you yummy little fiction morsels.

Today’s fiction share: The Moorigad Dragon

Snippet from Chapter One

[Kyra] looked down at [Sebastian’s] grip, her emotions pinging and ponging inside of her, torn between her loyalty to Sebastian and the inexplicable need now growing. “Someone fell in. I’m going to save him.” Urgency coursed through her in a way she’d never experienced before.

“But he’s human.” Sebastian’s voice seethed with undeniable disdain.

She flinched, yet swore it was panic she detected in his eyes. She’d never heard such ugly inflection in his voice, not ever. Not in all their hours playing poker in his trailer, or hanging in the back lot behind Big Eli with a bottle, making up stories about the people riding the magic circle of lights―the Ferris wheel. Not even on his darker days, when she would find him wandering by the wall of fog. Those days, they would walk for hours talking about nothing greater than nonsense. If he truly felt that way, she’d have gotten a hint of it before now.

“So what?” She peeled his hand free.

“You’ll risk exposing us.” His voice hitched.

“It’s a risk I’m willing to take.”

She wasn’t a hundred percent confident in her words, but didn’t want him to see her falter. Too strong was the pride pulsing through her veins. Besides, going after the man wasn’t a choice she was free to make. She had to go. She didn’t want to accept it, but knew it was true. Something pulled at her. Like she was on the end of a fishing line being reeled in. With an abrupt turn she walked away, a piece of her breaking into bits with each stretched step put between them. She prayed their trust would survive whatever happened next.

Kyra stepped into the brisk, wild current. It welcomed her like a child returning home after a long absence. It had been too long since she’d allowed herself to swim, and the water was glorious to the touch. Overdue pleasure spread to the corners of her cheeks, and she dove into its depths. Cold, vicious liquid wrapped around every curve of her body as she began to change, shedding unnecessary human garments in trade for her true self. Her scales returned, covering her like a form-fitted bodysuit.

Like an untamed torpedo she shot through the water, the greatest of water beasts. The turbulent river no match for her strength. Her movements second nature. A Sea Dragon’s quick, artful angulation.


Only chapter one and already there is conflict brewing between Kyra and Sebastian. Hell’s fire, our hot-headed dragon-shifter sure can crank up the boilers on a situation. What has she done now? And what is Sebastian’s problem with humans?

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Still unsure if you want a ticket to this carnival? Tune in next week for another snippet—next time, chapter two.

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