December Horoscope 2019

As told by Madame Marrouske (Old Mystic – A Balance Bringer Chronicles Character)

* If Madame Marrouske were a real person, this is what she would have to say about the astrological signs and their current state. This horoscope is meant to be fun and not to be taken seriously. Enjoy.

Until December 21st, relationships may seem like a battleground. This is due to Venus creating a square with your Sun. It may leave you feeling powerless. After December 21st, your love life, along with finances, will come across a significantly better phase. Mercury is still in a quincunx with your Sun in the first week of the month, so expect difficulties in the field of communication. Try avoiding making major decisions, at least until the first week of December passes.

During December, Mars is in opposition with your Sun, creating unbalanced energy. Energy you’ll have to express, since not doing so may stop or slow your motion toward achieving your goals. At the end of this month, the goddess of love is in a square with your Sun. Try to work with your insecurities and spend some time on your own. Saturn and Jupiter are on your side this month, so work towards your career goals, and leave love life aside.

On December 10th, Mercury is entering Sagittarius and into opposition with your Sun. This position of the ‘communication’ planet can cause disagreements and anxiety. You may come off as egotistical and even rude, but inside, you feel like no one understands you. Avoid arguments as much as possible. Compromise is the key. Risky moves are better avoided in this month, so reschedule new project for next year. You will end the year with a peaceful environment in your romantic relationship.

The first week of December, Mercury will positively influence the area of communications. Strong intuition will help you say things in the right place and at the right time. But, the initial period of prominent communicative skills won’t last. In the second half of December, your thoughts and emotions will be a tricky minefield. Mercury and Venus are in a quincunx with Sun, and since these aspects are extremely tense, during the second half of the month you may feel incompetent and opposed.

Mars is making a square with your Sun, and this destructive energy brings dissatisfaction and stress to your relationships this month. Try to be more empathetic with your loved ones. Likewise, the goddess of love is not friendly. Don’t try too hard this month to find a romantic partner, retain your high standards. From the 10th to the 29th, Mercury is in a trine with Sun, making this period a proper one for negotiations. Don’t waste this opportunity.

Venus will grace you the first day of this month, making your world pleasant. During this period, you shan’t find yourself plagued by stress and anxiety. It’s a great time to start dating someone new, for you shine in love life. Your energy and confidence will be on the point. From December 10th, Mercury will no longer be your friend. After December 21st, Venus moves from trine into a quincunx with Sun, becoming a burden for you until the end of this year.

The goddess of love will be kind to you after December 21st. Your loved ones will enjoy your company, finding your calm and compassionate attitude appealing. Your creative energy is also intense. The period from December 10th to 29th will be a busy one for you since Mercury is making a sextile with Sun. Use this beneficial period to express your ideas and start new projects; your superiors will be supportive.

This December, the god of war is in your sign. You can expect strong sexual urges and a bit of a dramatic attitude. You can be stubborn, and because of this, it is better to stay out of arguments with those you care for. Use your increased sex drive as a positive outlet for your explosive energy. Avoid unnecessary fights and conversations that can wait, because Venus’ square with Sun has the possibility to destroy your Christmas spirit. Maybe some ‘you’ time is a good option?

Mercury in your sign is a positive influence on your life, especially in regards to communication, from December 10th to 29th. If you have some unusual projects, plans, or ideas, this is the best time to express them. You speak with clarity, and every business association can benefit from Mercury in your sign. From December 21st, Venus will bring harmony in your love life, as well as into the money field. This month is really the most beautiful time of the year!

After close to 30 years, the sign of Capricorn is being graced by Saturn, which will try its best to make your next year a fabulous one! Jupiter will also slip into your sign before the end of the year, bringing you brilliant opportunities. From December 1st to December 21st, Venus will be present in Capricorn, and the goddess of love will help you attract wealth or relationships that will further your financial status. However, this must be earned, for Saturn will not care for easily gained money.

The start of the month won’t feel magical to you, as Mercury, along with Mars, bring frustrations into the communication field. But hang tight, Venus will enter your sign on December 21st and will remain there until the end this year. You will be more loving and kind to others, and your sense of harmony will be noticed. Spend this wonderful time with family, friends, and/or loved one. Read books, drink tea, and enjoy the Christmas spirit that warmed within you quicker than you had expected.

A restless mind will plague the Pisces from December 10th to December 29th. Avoid ego-centered thoughts and focus first on truly listening to others, so that you may express your ambitions in the proper way. Mars will help you with significant career decisions. Plus, Jupiter and Saturn are in a sextile with your Sun. With hard work, strong leadership skills, and an optimistic approach, you will be able to use most of opportunities.

Astrological definitions:

  • Quincunx: When planets are roughly 150 degrees apart. These planets are not in harmony but rather, don’t understand each other.
  • Sextile: An aspect formed when planets are two signs, or about 60 degrees apart. It’s a positive harmony between planets that opens new pathways for growth.
  • Trine: Relates to flow, with planets in a harmonious angle of support.

Madame Marrouske is an age-old woodland elf from the land of Hiddenkel. You get to know her in The Balance Bringer Chronicles. She has been a guide for the Balance Bringer from the start. In tune with the elemental magic vibrating all around us, she has quite a talent for looking into the future of others. Here, she shares her horoscope predictions with you.


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