November Horoscope 2019

As told by Madame Marrouske (Old Mystic – A Balance Bringer Chronicles Character)

* If Madame Marrouske were a real person, this is what she would have to say about the astrological signs and their current state. This horoscope is meant to be fun and not to be taken seriously. Enjoy.

Darling Aries, November will be marked by Uranus, which finally allows you to overcome the things that have been holding you back. On the other hand, Saturn is arriving into a square with your Sun, making you impatient and giving you a false impression that things are not moving at the proper speed. Retrograde Mercury can cause friction in communication, especially at work. 

During November, stability—especially in the world of career and finance, is the keyword for every Taurus. To maintain this stability, you don’t feel incline to take on complex projects and tasks,  but if you do, know that you will be well rewarded. Retrograde Mercury may affect your attitude, so try to remind mindful if you feel moodiness is taking over.

For Geminis, November represents a desire to cool off from stresses and responsibilities. Whether or not life will allow you to do so is unclear. If responsibilities keep crushing you, the Trine between Mars and Sun will be there to support you with a burst of energy. Social activities in your free time are a great way to unwind after a long day.

In November, Cancers may discover they have a lot of energy just lying around, waiting to be used. This can be a good thing, as long as you avoid taking action simply because you have the energy to do so—shy away from acts that are not well explored beforehand. Venus and Jupiter may require you to make changes to your lifestyle, and even if you don’t enjoy the process, you will leave this aspect being a better version of yourself. 

Leo, you tend to put yourself in a position of leadership and you perform quite well while doing so. Your thoughts might feel somewhat clouded, and your mind may wander… a lot,  jumping from idea to idea on a seemingly random basis. Love life is flourishing for Leos, as Venus and Jupiter bring heavy doses of optimism and self-confidence, which are easily felt and reflected by your partner. 

Retrograde Mercury is playing in Virgo’s team this month, as its sextile with their Sun brings forth clarity and success in communicating ideas. Your career has a chance to skyrocket in the following period, as your goals are reached, deadlines met, and efforts noticed. Your love life can be a bit hard this November, so make sure you manage your expectations towards your partner. 

This month, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus are bathing in energy and strength, while Saturn is putting you under a lot of pressure. This situation may make you feel as if the world is against you, and that the things you do lack purpose. Luckily, the energy provided by the planets above will be more than enough to help you overcome the tests set in front of you by Saturn. 

November will be a busy month for Scorpios. Your self-expression and the ability to communicate your ideas will be at their peak, but this comes at the price of not being a good listener. Saturn is steadying your aim and adding stability to your life, helping you to focus on what’s essential in the long run, instead of losing time on busywork.  

This is a period of good fortune for all people born under the sign of Sagittarius. Venus and Jupiter are combining to make sure that after a long period of hard work, your goals are finally within reach. You are aligned with everything around you. The world dances to the rhythm you play, and those around you are taking notice! 

Saturn is investing time to make sure that you, Capricorns, face your responsibilities head-on. You may feel somewhat agitated and unstable during this aspect. The best way to deal with this effect is to let go of wanting it to dissipate and simply bear with it while it lasts. Try to view this as a time of pulling up massive stones so that they may become a strong base of your  home in the future. 

This month of November, Aquarians aren’t likely to cooperate well with others, making this time best spent working on themselves. You will find you have a lot of energy which can be either spent on conflict with others around you, or on achieving something by yourself. If you must work in a  team, try to focus on the ways you contribute, leaving others to care about the bigger  picture. 

Sweet Pisces are swimming into a sensitive period, in which they cling to a need for the  affection of their partner. The biggest problem encountered in November could be putting the emotions of others too far behind yours, which could make them feel as if they are suffering under the pressure of your attachment. If your partner is not behaving the way you expect, listen to them before jumping to the feeling of rejection.  

Madame Marrouske is an age-old woodland elf from the land of Hiddenkel. You get to know her in The Balance Bringer Chronicles. She has been a guide for the Balance Bringer from the start. In tune with the elemental magic vibrating all around us, she has quite a talent for looking into the future of others. Here, she shares her horoscope predictions with you.


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