Post-Christmas Book Bonanza!

The main event may be over but the goodies are still rolling in! Fill your 2018 reading list with great book deals on exciting new adventures. Snag one, three, or all these amazing reads for a bargain today!

Jump into new lives and grand adventures…
Search for sacred artifacts, unravel mysteries, explore magic, and fall in love. Fight demons, Nephilim, vampires, and more. Talk to ghosts, learn from witches, sorcerers, and more. If that doesn’t fulfill your need, become a quick-thinking assassin or destiny-bound warrior. Explore a supernatural carnival, charm the Greek God Hades, and live a modern-day fairy tale where the princess doesn’t require saving.

Some of these book deals are for a limited time so don’t wait. Act now.

Click on a cover and start claiming new reads.

Nothing over $2.99! Most are 99 cents or FREE! 

Happy book hunting!


Until next time, keep it real yet keep it magical!

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