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Marketing Mayhem in Marketing on the Cheap by Debra Kristi, authorMarketing is never easy. Especially when you are on a tight budget. This last month I ran a two day free KDP promotion to celebrate the ongoing build toward the release of the third book in the Age of the Hybrid series. In order to reach my objective (get the book into as many hands as possible), I prepared to buckle down and post my heart out on social media.

Facebook – Twitter – Google+ – Instagram – Tumblr – Pinterest

But honestly, is it worth the effort? Does anyone really want to hear me sing “Buy My Book” all day long? NO. And do people buy based on visuals and promotions they see on various platforms? The results are mixed, and to tell truth, I feel seriously spammy when posting about my books or success. so how does one reach readers and not feel slimy in the process?

Be real. In other words, genuine. And go where you feel most comfortable.

I don’t feel comfortable on twitter. It’s like I’m standing in a room full of people talking and I don’t know where to jump in or what to say. It’s rather overwhelming. In this case, I’m fine with that because studies have shown the marketing conversion rates to actual purchase to be rather low for sites such at twitter or instagram. So I decided not to put a great deal of effort into twitter. As for instagram, I do love it! But it’s more share and chat. So I shared and moved on.

The place to apply my focus was clearly Facebook. The big brother of social media and the one with a 10% conversion rate; verses twitters 4%. If you ask me, those few points in percentage make a difference.

Better still, book sites with dedicated email lists consisting of known readers/purchasers. That’s ideal. I could set it up and walk away. Perfect for the severe introvert like myself. This is where I put in my effort – starting approximately two to three weeks ahead of time. Although, some sites will allow you to book as close to a week ahead.

My Marketing Resources

The following sites all have an option to list your free book promotion at zero cost. Keep in mind, listings are not guaranteed. If you have money to invest, there are most sites available and secured promotions. I will be adding sites that charge a fee to another list at a later time. 

Listing your free ebook for no money:

  14. Free Today
  20. It’
  21. kboards
  22. OHFB (One Hundred Free Books)

Have you used any of these sites before? And if so, were they successful? Do you see any sites missing from this list?


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7 thoughts on “Marketing on the Cheap”

  1. Nigel BlackwellNigel Blackwell

    Hi Debra. That’s some list! I didn’t know so many existed.

    I tried paid ads on FB, but after a few weeks and a variety of ads, copy etc, I gave up. They may have generated some visibility, but cost way more than they generated. I suspect they might have been be more effective if I had more books.

    Good lick with the series!



    February 29, 2016

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