A Raven Ring Wreath for Halloween

October and the Halloween season kind of sneaked up on me this year. Not sure how, but it did. I’m already behind in pulling out the decorations for the kids to have-at-it. At least I can say this, “I have my wreath on the door!” 

Black Feather and Raven Wreath in A Raven Ring Wreath for Halloween by Debra Kristi, authorI could have grabbed one from my storage in the garage. It would have been super easy and fast, but this year I wanted to make my wreath. And now, you can recreate a similar wreath if you wish. It’s easy!

Inspired by the dark, feathery lure of the raven I began designing, adding a splash of shimmer to help our new welcome piece show up a bit better in the pale light of a night’s porch light. After a craft supply run and a little designing this is what we got:

The Raven’s Ring Wreath

Wreath Supplies in A Raven Ring Wreath for Halloween by Debra Kristi, authorWhat you need:

  • Wire wreath frame
  • Mesh ribbon
  • Feather boa (two)
  • Plastic or foam raven (I used three)
  • Black pipe cleaners
  • Decorative ribbon
  • Package of glitter balls (black)
  • Glue gun and glue sticks

For this particular project, most items were picked up at the local crafts store, but the long, sparkly ribbon was a Dollar Store find. Score!Wreath wrapping in A Raven Ring Wreath for Halloween by Debra Kristi, author

Step One: Using the black pipe cleaners attach the mesh ribbon to the wire wreath frame as shown. Originally, I was going to black it all out with a little spray paint, but then decided to let it go. If a hint of the sparkle in the ribbon showed through here or there in the end product, it might be fun.

Wreath feathers in A Raven Ring Wreath for Halloween by Debra Kristi, authorStep Two: Lay the  feather boa on top of the mesh ribbon, running it in a circle around the wreath until it is all gone. Using the pipe cleaners, reach them across the top of the boa from either side of the wreath’s wire frame and twist together, locking the boa in, almost like a seat belt. Twist any left over pipe cleaners into an attractive position along the wreath.

Now you have an attractive feather wreath. You can stop here if you like. If ravens are what you want, then lets keep going.

Wreath Bow in A Raven Ring Wreath for Halloween by Debra Kristi, authorStep Three: Remove your ribbon from the spool and make a bow, allowing for plenty of the ribbon to hang down and adorn the front of the wreath. Cut off a piece approximately 18″ and set it aside. Now decide how wide you want your bow to be (For me this is generally 9 to 10 inches long with the cinch in the center). Begin folding the ribbon back and forth over itself, again and again.  When you have wound the ribbon approximately four or five times stop, grab the extra piece you’d cut off, tie it around the center and clinch it tight. Time to fluff and attach to the wreath, tacking the hanging ribbon into place exactly as you’d like.

Note: I used two sparkly mesh ribbons together. Both were a dollar pick at the Micheal’s checkout line.

Step Four: Time to attach your ravens! Decide on the placement of your feathery beauties, then (using the black pipe cleaner) firmly wire their feet to the outer ring of the wreath. Now your ravens are hanging on but in need of a firmer hold. Determine where the inner wreath ring is in comparison to your raven’s body. Using a semi-sharp object (I used a small screwdriver) push a hole directly through the poor raven’s chest – in one side and out the other. You’ll need to thread a pipe cleaner through the body. This is the hardest part. I used a small paperclip as a guide, pushing all the way through, wrapping the pipe cleaner around the end and pulling it back. Make sense? When your black pipe cleaner is threaded, wire the bird to the inner wreath ring.

Now you have a lot of feathers and black birds! Woo Hoo!

You’re in the home stretch.

If you’d like your ravens to sparkle like mine do, all I did was brush the backs of the birds with glue and then sprinkle with glitter. Easy Peasy.  I think the wreath looks every bit as stunning without all the sparkle, though. Do what looks best for your home and style.

Step Five: Your last step! Using a glue gun, carefully add drops of black glimmer by placing the black glitter balls in a few select locations on the wreath. That’s it. You’re done! Now your beautiful creation is ready to hang on the door to delight this year’s trick-or-treaters. Enjoy!

Finished Raven Wreath in A Raven Ring Wreath for Halloween by Debra Krisit, author

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