Cleansing, Activating, Charging Your Crystals

Cleansing, Charging, Activating Your Crystals by Debra Kristi, authorI love my gemstones.

Love to wear them.

Love having them around me.

I’m not talking talking sparkly tiaras and diamond necklaces. Although, they can be stunning. Nah, I’m talking crystals.

My love for crystals inked onto the page in my recent Young Adult novel, Becoming: The Balance Bringer, when high school senior, Ana Janssen, shares her affinity for the precious gemstones.

One of my personal favorites – for so many reasons – is amber. Some time ago, my husband returned from a month’s long (work related) stay in Taipei with the perfect-for-me amber necklace and it has since become one of my staples. Why do I say it’s perfect for me? The look: so me. But it’s the healing properties of the crystal that makes it an ideal fit.

Properties of Amber

  • Improves short-term memory loss
  • Relieves depression, anxiety
  • Removes obstacles we put in our way

All me! I need this!

If you’re at all familiar with crystals and gemstones and want to get the most out of their energy, you need to cleanse and charge them – not once, but as often as each stone requires. Just like we get depleted, our crystals get fatigued and need a boost every now and again, some more than others. Like people, you might say some gemstones are the extroverts of the crystal community. They exude energy. While others go to work by absorbing the energy of everything around them. These stones, in particular will need more attention than others and as you get in tune with your collection you should be able to feel when they’re in need.

With the ‘blue moon’ on July 31st, a recharge is exactly what I am preparing to do. Charging via the moon is one of my favorites, but there are several ways to cleanse and charge your crystals. I suggest you find the one/ones that feel right for you and your crystals and do that.

New to the process? I’m going to give you a quick basic rundown. This post could easily get overly detailed, but why bog you down with too-much-info? Let’s keep it simple. Consider this an uncomplicated mini reference guide.

Gather and Prep your Crystals in Cleansing, Charging, Activating Your Crystals by Debra Kristi, author

Cleansing Your Crystals

Whether the crystal is new to you or not, you should cleanse your stone to wash away any prevailing negative vibes or clinging characteristics that may run contrary your motivations and goals. Additionally, if your stone has any mud or dirt, you’ll want to clean it, gently clearing away the grime, careful not to scratch or damage the crystal. Warm running water works well to break up stubborn sediment. I use various paint brushes of different sizes and firmness to whisk away unwanted muck. Some like to use a mild soap. That’s up to you. I prefer to keep the process all-natural. Don’t confuse cleaning of the crystal with cleansing the crystal. Each action is different and serves a different purpose.

The cleansing: In my opinion, Mother Earth provides the best options.

Smudging: Smoke is commonly used in cleansing crystals. The burning of sage, sweet grass, cedar, frankincense, lotus, or myrrh can dissolve any ambient charge in a given environment.  This is useful for both crystals and ones-self (I have used this for both home and self on multiple occasions).  Avoid fanning the smoke with your hand, for you could transfer negative energy in the motion. Use a feather, and if possible, burn your smoke from below your crystals so as to immerse the stones. 

Flowing Water: Have a fresh water stream nearby? Waterfalls, running streams, even kitchen faucets are marvelous sources to briskly cleanse your crystals’ energies. A mere ten minutes should be fine. Another water idea, ever cleanse your crystals in the rain? Love this! Afterward a water cleanse, set your stone in a favorable sunny spot to dry naturally.

Sea Salt: Popular, due to its ease in method and ingredient acquisition, soak your crystal in salt water. Sea salt mixed with water is ideal. Weaker results will come from using Epsom Salt or Ionized Salt. Better yet, soak your crystals in real sea water! Cleansing can be achieved by burying your crystal in sea salt (add a few drops of water to induce a good contact) and leaving it for at least three days. This is not one of my favorite methods.

Other cleansing options you can consider and look into if you feel they are right for you: bury your crystal (earth), cluster your more delicate pieces (amethyst, clear quartz), mist, visualize or use your own chi.

Activating Your Crystal

Time to introduce yourself. State your intentions and welcome the crystal into your home. This may sound silly to you. I assure you it’s not and this step is not to be skipped. Activation is the turbo charge addition to your engine. Activation has the potential to expand your crystals’ capacity and energy spectrum range. Basically, you’re waking your stone up via spiritual connection. Do this by holding it, rolling it back and forth in your hands, sleeping with it, gazing at it, and focusing your thoughts onto it, generally handling it and washing it. You may need to cleanse the crystal again, after activation and before your charge it if you handle it too much.

Charging and Programming Your Crystals

Your crystals have been cleansed. Now you want to attune your precious gemstones’ energies to your own vibe and desires. These are the things you’re focused on and wish for, i.e. inner peace, protection, healing, love, prosperity, even improvement of self or creativity. The list is endless. Am I right?

All your crystals and gemstones can now be dedicated to you, your situation, or your goal. This is achieved by appealing to the stone’s natural energy inclination. You can already see the goodness coming your way, can’t you? But you want more. You want to anchor explicit intentions to your crystal. After all, why settle for the village when you can aim for The World?

Anchoring intentions to a specific stone is called ‘programming’ your crystal.  Ideally, you want to be as precise as possible in the programming. Generalizations may hinder or actually hurt your goal. Decide on  the ‘charging purpose’ for each crystal, word for word, and program it as such. Of all the gemstones, Clear Quartz crystals are best for programming because they can structure, store, focus, amplify, transmit, and transform energy on every level; both subtle and physical. 

Anchor your intentions to your crystal:

  • Anchoring intentions in Cleansing, Charging, Activating Your Crystals by Debra Kristi, authorClear, firm focus of thought and intention onto the stone. Repeat the programming multiple times to anchor the intention to the stone. When you feel the programming is complete you may put the stone down. Turn your attention away to detach your energy.
  • Write a concise note or letter to your crystal, an action plan, goal, etc., and place your crystal in the center of your note.
When you are programming, just about any clear quartz crystal can be used for any purpose, but each stone has its own inherent energies, making it stronger in certain areas.  I recommend learning your crystals and adjusting your programming accordingly.

Once each crystal has it’s ‘assignment’ I fancy a recharge by the full moon. Some crystals will charge beautifully in the sun, but you need to be careful as not all will fair well with the sunny method. Some will fade, others may get too hot and sustain damage.

Location is an important consideration when setting your stones out to charge. Pick a place where the energy flow is positive and fresh. If it’s a place where you’re constantly upset or fighting, then it’s not the place to recharge. A pond with a running fountain, a garden or field of roses or irises, these may be places your crystals would like.

Recharging by the full moon in Cleansing, Charging, Activating Your Crystals by Debra Kristi, author

Celestial cycles: Working with the moon has its benefits. I believe that in keeping with the rhythm of the cosmos we’ll reap more purposeful results with less effort. A harmony effect. It’s all about keeping in tune with nature and her cycles. For example, it’s fairly common for an individual to seek empowerment in some form through their crystals. Maybe you can see the benefit in charging and programming such an intention when a moon is going into full phase because you are looking to grow in self just as the moon is growing in phase. But, if you recharge with the same intentions on a ‘disappearing’ moon, the celestial cycle is moving out of phase or against the requested action. As a result, desired results may take longer to manifest.  Look at the lunar cycles compared to your goals and plan appropriately.

Your gemstones are activated, cleansed, and charged. Now you can welcome your new crystal friends into the fold and delight in the renewed energy of old ones. Want to learn more about crystals and their energies? I recommend The Complete Crystal Handbook by Cassandra Eason or The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall.


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  1. Emma MeadeEmma Meade

    Interesting post. I think I’m going shopping for crystals tomorrow.
    Thanks, Debra.

  2. ScottScott

    I have never put much in crystals for me; however, by talking with others I do see that there is great power in them or in the belief in them. Either way, my opinion is, if it works, do it!

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