Fact Friday

Tasty FactsHere’s a pleasant fact: Wednesday marked October 1st. The come of autumn. The anticipation of an approaching Halloween.

 Tricks and Treats

Most people prefer treats over tricks. It’s clear to see why. Who doesn’t like to get goodies? And for that reason we offer them, sprinkle them along the path for our friends and neighbors. We use them as incentives. To entice people to join our cause—our inner circles.

And I’ve shared a few something-special-secrets with my “insider’s club” (If they’ve looked) for that very reason. 😉

But not all the treats are reserved for secret circles. Today, I thought we would have some fun right here on the blog. Some time ago, I was tagged by Kristy K. James to divulge five things about myself most people don’t know. Why not do that now and call it Fact Friday?

The question begs, what facts would best serve this meme? What would you want to know about me? Do you want to know about my first crush? How I mistook his Valentine for an expression of love? Granted, we were in kindergarten. I was prone to delusions at the age of five.

Who am I kidding? I still am.

Well, somewhere there is a guy who knows about my blunder (although he may have forgotten) so it probably doesn’t qualify-me thinks.

Oh! Maybe you want to hear about the closet doors in my dad’s office. They used to open and close all night long―until my dad took them off the hinges. Crazy right? I’m guessing it was the old man I saw outside my bedroom messing with us. Only he wasn’t really there on account he was a GHOST!


Yeah. I saw a dead guy. But I already blogged about that some time ago.

Coming up with this list was not easy. It took some time, but I think you may find it interesting.

Disclosure: Sometimes the truth is unexpected.

Fact Friday – Five Facts about me you may not know:

  1. I detest preparing meals. I can’t explain why, I simply don’t like working with food. I wish we could live without eating.
  2. A psychic told me I had three guardian angels watching over me. Curious thought, right? Keep reading.
  3. I am one of four children, and the only one still living. Three deceased siblings = three guardian angels? Who knows.
  4. I was with my father when he died. He asked for permission, I gave it, and he left this world minutes later.
  5. Through automatic writing, my sister wrote the first paragraph of the first book I ever wrote to completion. Due to editors and critique partners that paragraph has since been cut from the story.

*Bonus: One day the garage burned down and I ended up with melted Christmas lights stuck to the hood and roof of my little ’62 classic car. Thanks to the guys at Canyon City Auto Body she looks exquisite once again. And the horrid everything-has-turned-to-ash smell that lasted far too long, I finally vanquished with the help of a splendid product they sell at Home Depot.

Didn’t I tell you the truth could be darn right unexpected? Do you have any facts you’d care to share?

If you’d like to run with this on your blog, feel free to consider yourself tagged.

Thanks for stopping by! I truly appreciate your support.

Until next time, immortally yours.

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4 thoughts on “Fact Friday”

  1. Kristy K. JamesKristy K. James

    I think I must have missed the ghost post. 🙂

    Very interesting facts, though I knew some of them. I did not know about the siblings. That’s so sad. 🙁 But it’s very curious about the three guardian angels.

  2. Emma MeadeEmma Meade

    That’s really interesting about the automatic writing. I tried that years back after reading a book on fortune telling in school. 🙂 I didn’t know about your siblings. Sorry for your loss, Debra.

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