The Journey to Madewood Plantation

Let’s wander down the dusty path of yesteryear’s adventures to the Madewood Plantation.

Oh…wait. I’m not telling this right.

*You’re not going to believe this, but…two perfectly fun and slightly insane writers set off across the country to spend the night in a three hundred year-old haunted plantation house just to be able to say “I did that.” That was the Myrtles Plantation, and I talked about that last month.

The story doesn’t end there.

This is the next leg of their (our) journey…

(The story of Debra Kristi and Tameri Etherton)

On May 15th we followed our navigation to our next destination, The Madewood Plantation.

It wasn’t there.

We worried not, having had a similar experience while traveling to The Myrtles. We continued on a straight path and sure enough, it eventually appeared on our left.

A Big, Beautiful, Antebellum Plantation—dating back to the 1800’s.

Madewood Plantation House in The Journey to Madewood Plantation Post by Debra Kristi, Author

Praise the minds of intuitive women! We’d found it!

Upon arrival, we rang the plantation bell to notify staff. A “Hey, we’re here!” sort of deal. The bell was mounted high, so picture me up on my toes yanking the cord like a cartoon version of myself. Yeah, it was kinda like that.

Madewood Bell in The Journey to Madewood Plantation Post by Debra Kristi, AuthorColor us time blown. The house was ours and ours alone for the entire night! Were we blessed or cursed? After our last experience we weren’t exactly sure, but pampered like properly ladies we decided upon ‘blessed.’ Send more bags, we were ready to move in…and never leave. Who wouldn’t want to sleep in a bed like this every night?

Madewood's Mystery Ladies Bedroom in The Journey to Madewood Plantation Post by Debra Kristi, AuthorAt 6 p.m sharp the brass bell rang indicating a lovely wine-and-cheese reception in the library.

Madewood Library in The Journey to Madewood Plantation Post by Debra Kristi, AuthorWe dug into the surrounding books and read up on the  home’s history. Wez was getting smart. Hehehe

Next stop, the dining room. Dinner by candlelit. We allowed Thor and Lady Dazzleton to attend. 

Madewood Dining Room in The Journey to Madewood Plantation Post by Debra Kristi, Authormouth-watering crawfish etouffee, smothered green beans, potatoes with Cajun shrimp, the most delish pumpkin meal graced our plates, and (omg) the best bread pudding for dessert . Died a heavenly eatery death that night. I so did.

In the adjoining parlor we retired and finished the night with glistening glass of brandy.

Time for Brandy in The Journey to Madewood Plantation Post by Debra Kristi, AuthorThor looks for a manly drink…and a bigger mug.

Thor in The Journey to Madewood Plantation Post by Debra Kristi, AuthorBut that end our night?  NO.

The staff now gone and an entire Antebellum Plantation all to ourselves! Plus the grounds! We went all thirteen-year-old-explore-like. We moved from room to room making sure not to miss any detail. But the big prize waiting to be explored? The big bit of history sitting beyond the safety of the house walls? The family cemetery. Oh yes we did!

We crept across the lawn by the light of our cell phones. Dang, it was dark out. The cemetery was surrounded by an old iron fence that had long since been covered in vines. An ancient tree, split and fallen, hung over the passage. Ominous at night, it stood like a guardian over the site.

Gaurdian Tree in Journey to Madewood Post by Debra Kristi, AuthorI’d love to report we captured all kinds of spiritual activity, unfortunately I can’t. The only thing we found glowing in the dark was the eyes of this little buddy.

Cemetary Cat  in a Journey to Madewood Article by Debra Kristi, AuthorShe was a friendly little gal, too. Followed me from tombstone to tombstone. Was rolling all over one when we found her.

Tombstones at night in Journey to the Madewood Post by Debra Kristi, AuthorSO…nothing spooky about the palacious Madewood Plantation.

  • Unless you consider our silly ghost app conveniently spurting out the word ‘Bad’ right when Tameri stepped on a Crayfish hole, smashing the entrance. It looks like a primitive mud tower in the middle of the lawn. Interesting timing, don’t you think?
  • Or the howling coyotes. Had to be a rout, because they were rowdy. Starting a band and gathering the pack to have us for dinner. Seriously! They were stalking. Loud as they were, we couldn’t make it to the house fast enough. The second the screen door closed and I latched the lock, they stopped. Now that was spooky.

The rest of the night―absolutely lovely. Plus, we had a hot shower! That, right there, made our day. After the 1950’s mauve bathtub in the ill-feeling bathroom from our last stop, it was pure modernized bliss.

Tea served to our room bright and early the next morning ~ Loved it!

Morning Tea in Journey to the Madewood Post by Debra Kristi, AuthorTime enough to sip and enjoy on the veranda before another fabulous meal in the dining room to start our day.  Then it was fa la la la la all the way to our next destination. The sound of happiness rumbling in our tummies.

Veranda in Journey to the Madewood Post by Debra Kristi, AuthorOur stay wouldn’t have been the same without the magical staff of the Madewood Plantation.

Madewood Staff and Me in Journey to Madewood Post by Debra Kristi, AuthorThey are more family than staff, and you can expect to meet them should you ever visit, and I highly recommend you book a stay. While you’re there, explore the house, grounds and outer buildings. So much elegance. Pop over to my Flikr and check out the 300+ pictures from the historical Bed and Breakfast. Then book your next vacation at the hospitable Madewood.

Have you ever stayed the night at a plantation home? How about a bed and breakfast?


Thanks for stopping by! I truly appreciate your support.

Until next time, immortally yours.

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8 thoughts on “The Journey to Madewood Plantation”

  1. Tameri EthertonTameri Etherton

    This post took me right back there! I want to go back and stay for a bit longer. There is just so much history in that grand old house. It was lovely. Except for the crawfish thing that stuck to my shoes. Ick. And the mosquito bites. Those weren’t fun, but everything else was.

    I miss Madewood!

  2. Laird SapirLaird Sapir

    Madewood plantation is the best. I could live there (as long as Angie stayed and cooked!) I am a little disappointed you didn’t catch anything spooky in the cemetery though… Maybe next time!

  3. Emma MeadeEmma Meade

    Fabulous pics. How wonderful (and a tad scary) ye had to place to yourselves.

  4. PatriciaPatricia

    I love the photos!! How many dining rooms are in that place anyway? Gorgeous. When you take the day tour you don’t get to see everything. How totally cool that you had the entire place to yourselves to explore at will?

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt
    Patricia recently posted…It’s Monday And I Got NothingMy Profile

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