The Supernatural Sunday You’ve Been Waiting For!

Supernatural_logo 2FeliciaWho saw Supernatural this last week? Don’t you just adore Felicia Day? She’s a glimmer of sunshine in the midst of a gruesome demon purification. Mixing the sweet quirky gamer with our hot, sexy Winchester brothers was nothing short of brilliant. Tuesday’s episode was particularly fun with its homage to The Wizard of Oz. Yes, I know, OZ has been done. I say, “So what!” If you haven’t seen it yet I won’t give away any spoilers, but I will say I always enjoy it when shows bring a classic to the small screen and give it a new interesting twist, as was the case with this. For example, a Dorothy unlike the Dorothy we grew up (kick-ass is good), a hint of a very different Tin Man, a very sexy pair of ruby slippers, one scary hag that’s practically impossible to best, and a storyline that turned from the original scripted plot, took a wild detour, and came up shooting. Sure, it had its problems, but I’m not going to look at it under a microscope.

I find Ezekiel a curious addition this year, too. It adds a layer of complexity to Sam, while at the same time giving him both powers and disadvantages. It won’t be long and Dean will have some explaining to do. Sam is going to figure out everything isn’t apple pie and beer. Conflict, good for a story. And what’s really up with Zeke? Can you say “Hidden agenda”? I’m anxious to see how they will reconcile the storyline with that of Castiel‘s. Will the magical dinosaur of a computer in their bunker be the key? Wouldn’t that be convenient?

Anyway…enough with the chit chat. You’ve probably all skipped down below this point already looking for the winner of the Supernatural J2LA Convention ticket giveaway.

Going through all the entries and narrowing it down to only one was not an easy process and I don’t envy the hubs at all. He spent a great deal of time pouring over your carefully crafted stories. Reading is one of his favorite pastimes, and even if the Winchesters isn’t his preferred topic, he’s always fair and looked for the passion you all poured into your words—among other things.

About your judge:

Graduating in Communications, he was a screen writer at Paramount in his former life. Partial to eating and being able to pay his rent he eventually sought a more steady job, one with both security and longevity. Today he puts his writing skills to work in his current position when he either creates or edits character bios and/or storyline dialog for the games he’s involved in developing. Now a big time video game executive, he found his way into the circuit when hired to write the story for a proposed new name. That’s ancient history now.

  • scott FBA gamer
  • A hiker
  • A scuba diver

Not one for self portraits, the Gravatar you see in place of his God-given mug (the one he uses all over the net) is a character from one of the games he’s currently involved in. A game that feeds my kids and pays my mortgage. So…feel free to help financially support me and play Skylanders. 😉

Okay…shameless plug now finished.

Who will snatch the pie today?

Dean and PieSo many great pictures. Thank you. No, seriously. Thank you for sending them my way. I can’t tell you how much time I spent drooling over them. The pictures were *sigh* nice. Ultimately the decision came down to the carefully chosen words in your short essay. I think you deserve a little eye candy after all your hard work, though. May this one stand as a hint as to what will come below. Contain yourself…

Supernatural Collage - Shauna GrangerClearly a Jensen (a.k.a Dean Winchester) heavy collage.

JensenYes, Jensen, you.

JaredSorry, Jared. LOL!

Now for the moment you all have been waiting for…


I have a ticket to J2LA and I’m giving it away right now! The winner will get to attend the convention at the Burbank Marriott with my preferred admission to the Sunday event. The only day Jared and Jensen will be present. Are you excited?

  • The winner of this event has been watching the show since it first aired in 2005.
  • In 2006 in celebration of their anniversary, she presented her boyfriend with tickets to Paley Fest, while he surprised her with an engagement ring. The Winchesters became a symbol of luck and celebration marking their engagement. In her own words the event “…carved a pentagram-shaped-spot in my heart.”
  • So inspired by eldest Winchester brother, Dean (Jensen), she used him as a model when creating the lead character in her first book.

Let’s give a HUGE congratulations to Shauna Granger!

Get to know Shauna.

Say hello on twitter, visit her blog, and check out her books.

She’d love to meet kindred spirits.

Shauna, I have your email. I’ll be contacting you with the info and goodies shortly.




Thanks for stopping by! I truly appreciate your support. Until next time, au revoir.


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5 thoughts on “The Supernatural Sunday You’ve Been Waiting For!”

  1. Shauna GrangerShauna Granger

    OMGOSH! I can’t even. I am even having a hard time sitting still just to type this. I am so excited and so grateful words cannot express! You are the best and big hugs to your hubs! (I wondered how you were gonna pick just one, smart move there.) I am so sorry you can’t go, but I am just so excited you wouldn’t believe me if we were face to face, lol! Thank you again, a million times over! *snoopy dance*

  2. PatriciaPatricia

    Oh congratulations, Shauna! Fun way to do the give-away, Debra. And great way to incorporate a shameless plug for the hubs.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

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