Thor: Then and Now – Jump on the Tour!

Only a god could drag me out of my writer’s cave. Oh! Looky, we have ourselves a god. Maybe I should start at the beginning, tell you how we ended up here…

Once upon a time a little girl was crushing BIG time on the almighty god Thor. I can’t say I blame her. He’s strong, handsome, and larger than life. And let’s not forget all those godly super hero like abilities of his. Wowza!

Thor's Poster

As her mother I rather approve of her choice in men. After all, Thor (at least the theatrical version she’s familiar with) stands for truth and honor. Two fantastic traits to have in a mate.

Due to my little Monkey’s interest this blog embraced Thor and sent his mini-version on a world tour via blogs and internet photo galleries. He’s traveled countless places, raised a toast with many fantastic bloggers, and has touched numerous spots along the globe.

Today he hails us from South Carolina where he’s been running circles around Kim Griffin. You don’t want to miss this check-in. So be sure to get yourself over there pronto to see what kind of trouble he’s been up to now.

Candy Crushing Thor Conquers a Lighthouse

It’s a stellar time for Thor. Seriously! Over the top. Wow! Not only has Kim kept him bouncing off the walls like a Mexican jumping bean on cappuccino, but his big movie, Rush, debuted. Can I get a Woot? That’s one flick I seriously want to see. Any reviews are welcome. Meet his character, James Hunt:

Technically that isn’t Thor, but anything Chris Hemsworth is relevant. Wouldn’t you agree? Iron Man 3 was released on DVD this last week, as well. Anyone buy a copy? You’ll find a special sneak peek to the upcoming Thor: The Dark World movie among the extras. Yay!

Speaking of…it will be here before you know it. November 8th is the big day. Mark your calendars. Since we’re all things Thor here, what should we do to celebrate? Pop the Champagne, cue the balloons and confetti? I’d like to hear your ideas and suggestions. Are you excited?!?!

Our little plastic god has been making the rounds and is nearing the end of his journey. There is still time if you’d like to jump in and join the fun. Just shout out, leave a comment, send me a message and say the word. It’s that easy  and you’ll be added to the tour. Thor is very sociable and he loves spending time with readers and bloggers, alike.


I’ve been a bad little blogger as of late, but it’s been for a good reason. I hope to share some of that news soon. We’ll be doing our best to get back on track here and on other social sites. Look for regular posts celebrating the fun season starting this October. We’ve got some great things to share with you. I’m excited just thinking about it. Think Halloween horror, fun, and celebration. That will be our theme for the upcoming month. Fun crafts, short stories, horrifying clutter cleanups are just a few things you can look forward to.

Have you enjoyed following Thor’s travels? What would you like to see him do that he hasn’t done yet? As his tour nears its end what would you like to see as the grand finale? Should Thor travel the rainbow bridge to Asgard?  


Thanks for stopping by! I truly appreciate your support. Until next time, au revoir.


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5 thoughts on “Thor: Then and Now – Jump on the Tour!”

  1. Tameri EthertonTameri Etherton

    Thor! You know I have November 8th marked on my calendar. I tried to get the guys to see Rush this past weekend, but they gave it a pass. What? It’s Chris Hemsworth! Hmm, maybe that’s why they passed. I can be a bit of a fanatic. Maybe we can sneak out and watch it birthday bash weekend. 🙂

    I’m looking forward to your October fun!

    September 30, 2013
  2. Emma MeadeEmma Meade

    I can’t wait for The Dark World. Hope the writing is going well.

    September 30, 2013
  3. Kitt CrescendoKitt Crescendo

    I’m all about Thor…in all his many different personas. I remember not being happy at the way the ending was re-written for Red Dawn because of Thor. Can’t wait to watch both the above movies you mentioned!

    September 30, 2013
  4. Marcy KennedyMarcy Kennedy

    I can’t believe some of the crazy things people come up with when Thor comes to visit. (I still get a chuckle out of Lisa Hall-Wilson’s Thor vs. Lara Croft adventure). I don’t know if my husband and I will go see the new movie in theaters (we’ve already allocated our movie going for that month), but we’ll definitely rent it when it comes out on video!

  5. PatriciaPatricia

    I can’t wait for Thor’s visit. I have some wonderful things all lined up. I hope he likes wine, as I live in the heart of wine country (no, not Napa, the other one in California). And maybe my hubby will let him get behind the wheel of his brand spanking new car.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

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