What’s In A Car’s History – Picture Post -Where Is He Challenge 3

A Mighty Fist Shake of approval to all those who participated in last week’s challenge. We had a lot of fun and enjoyed your answers, both real and creative. So, what did Thor do last week?

As many of you guessed (Imelda Evans, Melinda VanLone, Louise Behiel ), Thor got in a solid workout early in the a.m. Was it lifting cars? Um, I can’t attest to that. I can say there were cars involved in the day. He agreed to tag along and participate in our plans for the day after his morning refresher.

Yummy Thor eye candy
via NY Daily News

As Coleen Patrick suspected, Thor paid the princess a visit in the treehouse before our departure. No worries, Karen McFarland, he need not hold up the gate to protect her from her enemies. The bridge fell into disrepair years ago and has long since been gone. One must enter now by magical means.

With the princess safe in her wooden fortress, we set out on the hunt. Neighborhood garage sale hunt. Now, I haven’t done one of these in years and this outing reminded me why. Let me tell you something about garage sales. I have held a few in my time and they have all been hugely successful. I’m talking four figures successful. I wait until I have a lot of stuff. And I make sure it stuff people might actually want and can use. I never put out junk – things you wouldn’t give to a friend. We walked past house after house of total junk. What a disappointment.

The smartest thing I saw was an entrepreneur who had boxes of fresh donuts from a local shop. They were selling quickly. The other thing about garage sales – price appropriately. If you have something priced so high that I can drive over to the local Ross or TJ Maxx and find the same item for the same price or less, it’s not garage sale worthy. That’s just my take. But when you show the buyers you are fair in your pricing and have decent items to sell, you should do fairly well, assuming you have an inventory built up and you advertise properly.

Okay, I am jumping off my garage sale soap box now.

Needing to wash that bad experience from our minds, we head on down the road. Shiny colors, curved metal and reflective chrome caught our eye. We were all entranced. Including Thor.

Thor studies the beauty of man-made art
image via menshealth.com

Hit the play button for some background soundtrack for the continued show. Let the eye candy begin. Jennette Marie Powel is going to love this!

The wonders we stumbled upon…

Henry Ford was not the first man to invent the horseless carriage. Nor did he invent the assembly line. But by using the assembly line to produce automobiles, he changed history. The first Model T Ford was assembled in 1909 at the Detroit plant.

But that was not Henry Ford’s first automobile. Henry built a working engine in 1893. It would be three more years before he successfully built a working vehicle. He called it the Quadracycle and sold it for $200. He invested that money right back into another. But things wouldn’t really take off for him until he got the assembly line working several years later.  The very first vehicle truly documented to move on its own power was in 1769. It was designed by Nicholas Joseph Cugnot and constructed by M. Brezin. Back then, it moved at the high speed of two miles an hour. It is suspected that the very first vehicle was a windmill type drive designed by Guido da Vigevano in 1335. That’s a whole lot of years of perfecting before we found ourselves a society on wheels.

Automobiles became more luxurious over the years.  They were more than just for function. They were for show. A symbol of your place in society. Today, many of these oldies get a modern-day look with custom paint jobs and a lowered chassis.

Even changing the chrome, inside and out.

Established in 1911, Chevrolet first introduced the bow tie emblem we’ve all come to know in 1913. Between 1916 and 1917 GM and Chevrolet merged and by 1917 Chevrolet became a subdivision of GM. Louis Chevrolet left the company in 1915 over un-reconcilable differences. He sold his shares to William C. Durrant, a co-founder.

All the fabulous chrome serves a dual purpose. It’s great for self-portraits as well.

I’m particularly fond of Buick. I’m sure it has nothing to do with the little 1962 Skylark  parked in my garage. Buick is actually the oldest automobile manufacturer still active. Between 1899 and 1903 they offered two models. And by 1911 they introduced the closed-body design, four years before Ford.

Interior can really make all the difference, taking a car from okay to Hooray!

It may not surprise you to find that Cadillac has always focused on precision engineering and a stylish luxury finish. As a result, their cars have always ranked amongst the finest in the US. They were the first to introduce the all steel roof called a ‘turret top.’

The late 1960’s and 1970’s saw the birth of an American classic – the muscle car.

The Super-Bee. My personal favorite. 😀

Even a Greek god can appreciate an American Classic. How about you? Interested in more? Check out the pictures not included over at my pinterest account. I’m sorry the  Millennium Falcon  wasn’t there for viewing, Tameri Etherton.

Several great writers and bloggers have been mentioned in this post. I encourage you to check out their blogs if you aren’t already familiar. We were all impressed with your precise guesses and quick creativity. And now…




Where is Thor and what is he doing?

Remember, even gods and immortals need a break from the everyday grind. Now give us either your best guess or entertain us with a delightful story we can’t possibly forget.


Please know that I always appreciate your time, and love it when you stop by and take the time to comment. Huge thanks! If you enjoyed this post or any of my previous posts, I’d be delighted to have you follow by email or RSS for any future posts!
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18 thoughts on “What’s In A Car’s History – Picture Post -Where Is He Challenge 3”

  1. Melinda VanLoneMelinda VanLone

    My my *fans self*. Thanks for the eye opening eye candy this morning Debra! 😀 This page is very…inspirational. 😉 As for Thor, it’s quite clear that he’s relaxing this afternoon by going cliff diving. He’s about to plunge off a high cliff, do a graceful somersault in the air, then plunge into the waves below where he will skim along using his hammer for a few miles before gracefully resurfacing with a mermaid on one arm. The two of them will spend the rest of the afternoon on a beach…er, basking in the sun. 😀

    • Marcy KennedyMarcy Kennedy

      Ooo, can I just vote for Melinda’s answer. (I know it doesn’t actually work like that, but I just have to say that answer is awesome.)

  2. August McLaughlinAugust McLaughlin

    I’m not sure how to put this delicately, but my first impression is this: Thor is constipated and trying to decide whether to hold it in or let it go. (Tried to warn ya! ;)) Another great post, Debra. I hope I haven’t spoiled your breakfast. lol

  3. Karen McFarlandKaren McFarland

    You are so cool Debra! And one smart cookie! Now I know what a good writer you are. You know how to draw your reader into your story! And thank you very much for the mention. But with the name Thor, I keep thinking of medival times, not modern day. Was that a red Chevy Nova I saw? My husband when we were dating had that car. Oh yeah, those were the days my friend. Not to say that I didn’t enjoy the other cars too. It’s just there’s a lot of memoried attached to that Chevy. LOL! Let’s not go there. Thank you. Ahem. Okay, now about Thor. What is in his right hand. I can’t quite make it out Debra. Here’s my guess. He is standing on a boulder and with his walkie talkie, he warns others of rattlesnakes in the vacinity. Not even close, I’m sure. But that’s my story and I’m stickin to it! LOL! Take care Debra. It’s going to be a long summer with the kids home. You are such a good Mom for doing this. 🙂

  4. Louise BehielLouise Behiel

    wowzer – Thor and cars. takes a deep breath. thanks for the mention and the fun. I love cars. Don’t know anything about them except I love to look.

    thanks for the smiles

  5. gingercalemgingercalem

    I’m sorry, were there pictures of cars in this post. *huge grin*

  6. Kourtney HeintzKourtney Heintz

    I love these car pics. I wish car companies made models like this now. Cars with character. Sigh. You don’t see that anymore.

  7. jansenschmidtjansenschmidt

    My goodness those old cars were huge. I think you can fit 8 across on some of those bench seats! Making out in the back seat was a whole lot easier back in the day than it is now. And the hood on that one model – holy cow – long. I think when the car turns a corner the stereing wheel comes around 2 minutes after the hood does.

    Thor – hmmm. I must have missed the first installment or 2, but I’m going to say that based on the size of what looks like a human foot next to his head that he’s entered the land of Gulliver and he’s standing on what would be a ledge for Thor but a stepping stone for Gulliver’s son, let’s call him Euripedes, the owner of the foot in the picture.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

  8. Nigel BlackwellNigel Blackwell

    I love the car pics, some of the old ones are brilliant. thanks for them!

    I think Thor’s holding a pocket camera (he has big pockets, of course) and he’s waiting for the sun to go down to get a shot of the green flash.


  9. Kristy K. James...Living, Loving, LaughingKristy K. James...Living, Loving, Laughing

    Very cool cars. My mom used to have one I just loved. Can’t remember if it was a Cutlass or Skylark, but it was late 60s/early 70s…and totally cool. Did you find anything worth buying, besides donuts, in your yard sale trip? I had one once…hated it. Now I just haul the good stuff to the Hospice store. The rest I just throw away. Sometimes I’d like to have a sale, but I’m only half joking when I say I think I have developed adult-onset ADD. It’s hard for me to even sit through a 2 hour movie, much less a day-long event, lol.

    So….what was Thor doing last week?

  10. Marcy KennedyMarcy Kennedy

    All the car picks reminded me of WAMBO. It’s an antique motor and boat show that my town hosts every year. I think the whole county turns out to walk the streets and oogle the cars.

  11. mj monaghanmj monaghan

    Really makes me miss my ’67 Chevy Impala. Loved that car. Great pics, Debra.

  12. Serena Dracis, AuthorSerena Dracis, Author

    Excellent eye candy, you can never go wrong with Thor or pretty cars. This week, Thor is staring out across the remnants of Bifrost. He can still travel the realms, but now it takes much more effort, and he must plan his next trip wisely. Really great car pics, must have been some car show!

  13. tedstrutztedstrutz

    Fabulous post Debra… We had a Buick Skylark! I drove it when I went to college. My dad always bought the latest Buick, as one of his best friends owned a dealership. Electras and Rivieras… and that Skylark, bought for us kids. Some interesting facts to boot.

  14. Lynn KelleyLynn Kelley

    Debra, this is the coolest post and such a great idea for an ongoing series to get your readers to participate! You are so darn talented! Somehow, I missed your Thor post last week. Glad I’m catching up now.

    Let’s see, what’s Thor doing? Isn’t it obvious that he’s standing on fake boulder scapes that border a beautiful, inviting pool? The sun is blazing and he sweating buckets. He’s deciding whether to jump in with his clothes on or go skinny dipping. Whoah!

  15. Jennette Marie PowellJennette Marie Powell

    I’m sorry, were there pictures of Thor in this post?

    LOL – those were enjoyable too! Although the red Camaro is of course my favorite. 🙂 Love Buicks too! My brother is a huuuuge Buick enthusiast! If both of you weren’t already married, he’d probably propose LOL.

    As for Thor, my guess is that he’s surveying the site of the next great pyramid… in California!

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