A Friday Challenge in Flash Fiction Met

Where was I Wednesday? Getting ready to check out of my week of edit paradise, I awoke to a sea of white outside my window. All that after a night of babies crying and men coughing into all hours of the night. I was driving down the mountain at a snail’s pace with a HUGE coffee, a busted phone and very little sleep. No post went up. But you know what? That isn’t the reason you didn’t get a post. It was because I am a selfish little writer and I spent too much time on editing and revising while I could. Sorry. I thank everyone who popped in looking for me. You are all amazing.

I have been slow getting back in the saddle as I returned to another kind of mountain – mountains of laundry. Piles of dishes in the sink and unnavigable rooms (kids). Not to mention the lack of food present in the house. I had my hands full. Do you ever feel buried in the day-to-day? That’s me – daily.

You might remember I presented a challenge to you last Friday. I am so excited!  I had a couple of takers! If you haven’t already been introduced to the fabulous Lynn Kelly, read on and follow the link to her blog for the full story. I promise, you won’t be disappointed. She took the challenge and ran with it. I LOVE her story! FABULOUS! While you are there, stay and check out her digs. She is the amazing author of several middle grade books. We were lucky enough to recently grab one so we can start reading it here at our home. So cool!

Lynn Kelly’s tease

Stepping toward the window to raise the blackout shades, floor planks shifted under her like a carnival funhouse. Earthquake!

Before she could duck, another jolt tossed her right smack onto her tailbone. Dazed and panting, she trembled as a drumroll thundered, accompanied by screaming whistles.

To get the whole story head on over to Lynn Kelly’s Random Acts of Writing.

And introducing a new writer to our twitter and blogging community: Mel from Royal City Living. She’s just starting to set up her social media presence so let’s give her a hand folks. Head on over and say “hi” and hit the twitter follow button. 🙂 @MelDawn on twitter.

Mel Dawn’s tease

I threw the glass down and leaped out of bed, yanking the curtains open. The sunshine was blazing in the sky. Grabbing the binoculars from my window sill…  

To get the whole story head on over to Mel Dawn’s: Royal City Living.


Now, with it being Friday the 13th, I couldn’t let it pass without a little something-something of my own. I was surfing through one of my favorite artist’s sites and saw this number. I was inspired for the following flash fiction piece.

Seen Through the Eyes…

Image courtesy of Trey Ratcliff 

Her boots hit the pavement with a heavy thunk. Rising from a crouch, she took to the alley like she had so many times before, without a care for life or loss. She merely existed, here among it’s filth and grime. She couldn’t smell the stink of rotten vegetables or human excrement. Long ago she had stopped caring. The event had changed something in her – a disconnect.

And yet –

It was the boy who drew her here now. Brought her to this dingy alley, half-way across the world from where it all began. She’d seen him only that one time, but it had been enough to peek her curiosity – give her a mission. Something she’d not had since avenging Tregor’s death.

She rarely walked at street level anymore. It made her itchy. She knew they couldn’t see her unless she willed it so, and yet… being so close to what she once was…

Shrugging  the discomfort from her shell, she climbed atop an old dented dumpster and waited. Lights brightened the stone walk, filling the night air with a slow inconsistent hum. Highlighting the minute dust particles the wind saw fit to push about. Somewhere a couple bicker over wine and who has or hasn’t had too much to drink. Their shuffling foot pattern betrays them.

Company arrives in the form of a small scrawny cat. His fur the color of a mixed box of chocolates, badly caked in caramel. The stray desperately needs a bath, but who was she to give it to him? Just because the dumb cat was perceptive enough to see what others could not, it didn’t mean she should befriend him.

“Shoo,” she says. Flicking her long fingers at the hungry feline.

Refusing to budge, he skitters a step, meowing.

He steps into the alley, bags of trash in hand. The cat is forgotten as she is now riveted by the boy. “Look up.” She mouths, knowing he won’t see her. That’s not the point. It’s the eyes. She must see the eyes again. Having seen him briefly on a television news interview; it was the thing that drew her here.

Bags at the curb, he turns for the door.

No. She twitches, fearing there will be no glimpse tonight. The cat yowls, jumping away. The boy turns staring at the spot the cat just sat – the spot where she now remains crouched.

It has to be. It’s the only explanation. His large brown eyes blink, then turn away. But she got what she wanted. Jumping down, she spreads her long dark wings and remembers the last life he lived. The life with her.



*          *          *

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25 thoughts on “A Friday Challenge in Flash Fiction Met”

  1. Emma BurcartEmma Burcart

    I love the air of mystery in the piece! And I’m glad you had some editing time all to yourself. That sounds like a great thing to do. I’m just a little worried about the picture taking while driving. That seems a little dangerous! 🙂

    • Debra KristiDebra Kristi

      I adore my children, but I feel like the story barely moves forward on their schedule sometimes. Maddening! LOL! I love getting away to work. Thank you so for the compliment on my short story.

      I’d be worried about that driving, too, if I didn’t know better. To put your mind at ease I’ll tell you the secret. I pulled over and let everyone pass me. When the road was clear I pulled back out, stopped and grabbed the shot. 🙂

  2. susielindaususielindau

    It really looks like a coffee day. Intriguing story!
    Good luck on your rewrite! I am working on mine too. Thank God for the cut and paste keys on my computer, although I am cutting more than I am pasting!

    • Debra KristiDebra Kristi

      You crack me up Sue! Cut and paste – hehe. Don’t you find one change leads to another? Fun stuff.

      Glad you found her intriguing. There may be a story there – someday. 😉

  3. lynnkelleyauthorlynnkelleyauthor

    Your flash fiction is so cool. I couldn’t wait to find out how she had changed. Great details and I wasn’t expecting the ending. Nice job, Debra!

    I know exactly what you mean about the mountain of laundry. Can’t get around it while raising kids! Thanks for the flash fiction challenge and linking to my blog. You picked a good teaser! Have a great Friday the 13th!

    • Debra KristiDebra Kristi

      I am SO happy you decided to play. It was great fun. Your flash fiction was a great surprise. 🙂

      Thanks, Lynn! Sorry to disappoint on the “How”. That is for another time. Actually, that flash I was inspired to write takes place AFTER another book I’m working on. One separate from the big trilogy. But her story is taking a backseat to the other for now.

      Oh, the laundry! Never ending. My goodness!

  4. August McLaughlinAugust McLaughlin

    Fun stuff! It’s it awesome when others get involved? I enjoyed your story and both teases—so much so, I’m off to relish the rest. 😉 Happy freaky Friday!

    • Debra KristiDebra Kristi

      Good Morning, August! It is fun stuff. I wasn’t sure if anyone would play. I admit to falling off the promote wagon this week. LOL. I was so happy to see a few willing to play. Yay!

      Now to get back into the swing of things.

  5. tedstrutztedstrutz

    Boots, Shell, Wings… who is she… or what? Nice imagery to make me curious.

    Arguing over wine and who has or hasn’t had too much to drink. Oh yes.

    Great photo… immediately made me think of something. I’ll have to check his photos.

    Where are you Debra… with all that snow? All we get is rain now.

    • tedstrutztedstrutz

      Holy Cow! I just checked. I don’t use ‘awesome’, spoiled by NASCAR, but that’s the only word I can think of to describe Troy’s photos… thanks, D!

      • Debra KristiDebra Kristi

        Isn’t his stuff AMAZING! I am in love with his site. Did you click on the link or the photo? If you clicked the link, click the photo. That will take you someplace super cool!

        NASCAR! 😀 I need to get back on pinterest. I was going to start an album dedicated to Steel Magnificence – or something like that. Not NASCAR, but cars! 🙂

        I was up in Big Bear. I’m home now getting pounded by the rain like everyone else. Sigh.

    • Debra KristiDebra Kristi

      Thank you, Dean! I was all over your blog around 2 am. I don’t think I’ve made a comment, yet. I loved “Armageddon Now”. I couldn’t find the right words at that hour to express what I wanted to say. I don’t have a talent for poetry. I admire your work.

      • deanjbakerdeanjbaker

        thanks, Debra – take your time… looking forward to what you say…

  6. Paige KellermanPaige Kellerman

    I’m just glad you made it down the mountain ok! We haven’t seen snow here in ages. It’s Kansas, so that’s more than a little weird. Headed over to pay our friend, Lynn, a visit…:)

    • Debra KristiDebra Kristi

      I did! And just in time. Did you see my crazy post? 16″ of snow. I would have been stuck. Well, I have 4 wheel drive. But I’d have to pull out the manual and figure out where the controls are to even shift into the darn thing. I’ve never needed it. And this time I didn’t pack the chains. So close. Hope you had fun at Lynn’s!

  7. Melinda VanLoneMelinda VanLone

    Cool! I have to say it’s so odd seeing that photo with snow on the ground when it’s 85 here…winter is long past in Dallas. I hope your time away was super productive! 🙂

    • Debra KristiDebra Kristi

      It was! Thank you, Melinda. Now to find the time to finish what I started. I haven’t had a moment to touch it since I got back. Real life can be a drag sometimes. Ugh! Dallas is too hot. 😛 I’ve never been, but used to own property in Austin. I like that area. Still – hot. Stay cool if you can. 79 would be nice. 🙂

  8. Jennette Marie PowellJennette Marie Powell

    Cool short, Debra! I wish I could write short. Then again, I haven’t really tried in a long time. I might have to do something about that…
    Oh, and you’re not being selfish for using that all-too-rare alone-time for editing – the writing (or editing) needs to come first!

    • Debra KristiDebra Kristi

      I didn’t think I could. Everything I write turns out long. I took this as an exercise. I love how Susie does them every week. I don’t think I could pull something off in 100 words though. Too short for wordy me. LOL Thank you Jennette. I agree. Now to make it so, being that I am home. Need to remember – write/edit. 🙂 What? Kids need to be fed. Since when? LOL

  9. CC MacKenzieCC MacKenzie

    Love this, love Lynn and love you, Debs.

    What a great writer, the description of an earthquake is brilliant. Love it.

    • Debra KristiDebra Kristi

      Thank you, Christine. Wasn’t Lynn’s fabulous? I loved how she turned it around on us. So unexpected. Yay for unexpected.

  10. Coleen PatrickColeen Patrick

    Great Debra! I am always inspired and also in awe of everyone’s short fiction pieces!
    Oh and I hear you about the laundry and no food. I went away for a few days last month for some non-stop editing and it was like every piece of clothing my family owned was in the hamper when I got back home!!
    Off to check out the links!

    • Debra KristiDebra Kristi

      Thank you so much Coleen! It’s fun to do a little flash fiction every once and a while. Hope you enjoyed the blog hopping. Isn’t it funny how nothing gets taken care of when mom is away? LOL Dad is pretty good at keeping the counters clean though. I’ll give him that!

  11. CC MacKenzieCC MacKenzie

    This is a great piece!

    And no, you’re not selfish, you were doing what needed to be done at the time! And typically, you needed to battle through snow with no phone, stressed out of your head and being totally human. Bless. I was wondering how you got on in seclusion to edit/revise/write/blog etc. Nothing like multi-tasking!

    And of course they wouldn’t buy food or do the laundry – this is their way to show you how much they missed and love you. So when you yell and bang about and get all annoyed they love you for it because you’re back! And hey, you’re just the same wife/mom that left them! Hehehe. You gotta love them.

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