Read & Review Crew

R&R Crew

What is a “Read & Review Crew”?

The Read & Review Crew is a group of people who not only love to read but will follow through with an honest review on various social media platforms within a reasonable timeframe. 

How does it work?

The crew is sent review copies with the following guidelines:

  • Reviews should be logged within one month of receiving a review copy
  • In the case of ARCs, reviews are to be left as close to release day as possible (within a weeks time), with release day being doubly awesome
  • Following the above (simple) guidelines will ensure your spot on the R&R Crew for the next book
  • Unfortunately, failing to follow the guidelines will ensure you don’t receive the next book 🙁
  • Review copies are sent to the R&R Crew free of charge but this does not guarantee a paperback version
  • Although I would like to supply each member with a paperback copy, it isn’t always possible so recipients may be chosen via lottery

Still interested in applying for a crew member position?

Click on the submission form below and send me a message. Using this one and not the one on my contact page will tag your message with the subject line “Read & Review Crew.” In the body of the email include all information relevant to you and why you’re requesting a review copy. Include information such as:

  • Follower counts
  • social media links
  • blog links
  • Which of my books brought you here
  • Any other helpful stats

Due to time constraints, I may only email reply to those who will be added to the Read & Review Crew. This is not to be rude, it’s only meant to help alleviate some of the to-do’s in my day so I can keep writing and editing stories for you to enjoy!  The Read & Review Crew is limited to only 100 people. If you don’t make the R&R Crew the first time around, don’t despair, you may slip in the next time around.

Still interested in applying? Fill out the form below and hit ‘Send.”