Glorious YA Angel Books

Angel books! We want them.

Angels have graced our history for ages, and we love devouring their many stories. The selection of novels featuring angels and fallen angels goes on and on and on. Blood Promise: Watchtower 7 is among that forever scrolling list. Last week, Blood Promise: Watchtower 7 was blessed with the honor of being named among 10 Glorious Young Adult Fantasy Books about Angels as reported by Ezvid Wiki.

Thank you, Ezvid Wiki!

If you haven’t yet read Blood Promise: Watchtower 7, it’s currently free with Kindle Unlimited. Here’s what people have to say about the novel…

non-stop page turner from the very beginning…  …wonderfully fast-paced dystopian that keeps you engrossed… …twists and turns, plus the suspense… …kept me on the edge of my seat…  …this book will NOT disappoint… Great story that sucks you right in… …full of emotion… …exciting dystopian world

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Be sure to pop over to Ezvid Wiki’s page and explore the other nine celebrated books. There are great reads to be discovered there.

10 Glorious Young Adult Fantasy Books About Angels

 A huge thanks to Ezvid Wiki for including Blood Promise and for the creation of this video.

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