Flash Fiction

Flash Fiction by Debra Kristi, author

In November of 2012 I took on the flash fiction challenge. The purpose—to write a story in exactly 100 words based on a photo prompt. The experience turned out to be much more than I had anticipated. I met amazing and unique people with hearts of gold. I treasure those days, thankful for each and every interaction. Following is my collection of stories based on the prompts provided. To find the band leader of these delicious flash fiction Fridays visit Friday Fictioneers via Rochelle.


Blissful Moments and Secret Places : Friday Fictioneers Posted on February 21, 2013

For Love of a Tiara: Friday Fictioneers Posted on January 25, 2013

Henry : Friday Fictioneers Posted on January 17, 2013

Papa’s Music – Friday Fictioneers Posted on January 10, 2013

Dinner for Two: Friday Fictioneers Posted on December 21, 2012

Project 2487: Friday Fictioneers Posted on December 14, 2012

Grandpa’s Holiday Getaway: Friday Fictioneers Posted on December 7, 2012

Broken: Friday Fictioneers Posted on November 30, 2012

The Frozen Unknown : Friday Fictioneers Posted on November 9, 2012

Trade of Change: Friday Fictioneers Posted on November 2, 2012