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We’ve all had those days when nothing seems to go right. Those moments when it feels as if the world is conspiring against us in a snide-devil-grin kind of way. My morning started as such with kids throwing verbal punches like they were training for a Rocky reenactment, panic and tears over homework done incorrectly, unusually long lines and packed passageways at both school drop-offs, and a forever wait to exit the parking lot (fifteen minutes!), only to be purposefully cut off by a mom in a car a quarter of the size of mine when it was my turn to merge into the exiting lane. Sigh.

The mother in the car behind little zippy was much kinder and let me in. *Waving hello* to other mother. Thank you. You’re kindness was not lost on me.

It’s in moments like these that it’s all too easy to lose your composure. If feelings were to show themselves as a movie effect you might have a dragon’s steam pour from your nostrils and laser shoot from your eyes. Thankfully, our emotions rarely manifest as anything quite so dramatic. Besides, it’s a moment. Here now, gone a minute later. Even a string of moments will pass…eventually.

In the daily grind that is our life we often overlook the little things right in front of us. The things that are the true building blocks of our life. Those tiny little pluses that make our moments and our life what it really is, from morning to night, from Sunday to Saturday, month to month, and year to year.

Yes, running water, warm blankets, and toilet paper are all wonderful things to be thankful for, but let’s look deeper. Lets look at those precious things you can have, do have, no matter where or when you live.

It’s a child, parent, or grandparent telling you that you matter. It’s a head on your shoulder or a hand in yours. It’s family and friends who stand beside you no matter what chaos hurdles in your direction. These little things make every day worthy of your smile. And you will find, when you examine all that you have, that those little things aren’t so little after all. Those little things are what matter most.

  • In my Moorigad Series, Kyra and Sebastian are thankful to have each other and Mystic’s, a place away from their oppressive parents that they can call home.
  • In Becoming: The Balance Bringer Ana is thankful for her quiet training time and her friendship with Ryland.

What are some of the little things you’re grateful for?

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Debra Kristi, Author

24 thoughts on “Blog Hop: The Little Things Matter

  1. Meg Rhea

    Signed up and liked your Facebook page. Thank you for participating. My family are one of my little things.

  2. Stephanie Lawrence

    thank you! my little things, a cup of coffee in a quiet house, a nice breeze, surprise pkgs in the mail, my son….my best thing ever!

    1. Debra Post author

      That all sounds divine! Savor those quiet moments. And yes, our children are the best thing – always! Thanks so much for stopping by, Stephanie!

  3. Kristina Oden

    I’m so happy to have found your site on the Blog Hop! Such a wonderful way to find new authors. Woo Hoo! New books for me to read!!! Following you now, and have subscribed. I’m so thankful for so many things in my life.. Today I am thankful for the guy that let me merge onto the freeway instead of cutting me off. Thanks again! Looking very forward to checking out your books.

    1. Debra Post author

      Woo hoo! Thanks so much for sharing, Kristina! I’m so glad you found me too! I found you back! 😀 Courteous drivers are a treasure. So glad you found one today. Yay for the books! I’d love to hear what you think afterwards.

    1. Debra Post author

      Beautiful things, indeed. Give him a huge hug! Thank you for dropping in and you are most welcome! Best of luck to you, Whitney!

    1. Debra Post author

      Wow! Go hubby! That’s pretty darn awesome!!! Congratulations on that “not-so-little” thing! ❤

  4. Ruth Limeburner

    Signed up for newsletter, like 653 on FB. Thanks for the giveaway! Little things – my husband, my two cats, hot chocolate, and surprises in the mail/email.

    1. Debra Post author

      Sounds like we have a lot in common, Ruth! I’m rather fond of my husband, cats, hot chocolate, and surprises in the mail, as well. 😀 Thanks for all the fabulous follows and the great comment! Good luck!

  5. Grace Hart

    Music makes a difference to me. I’m a rock chick but any music can change my mood.
    Thank you for participating in this hop!

    1. Debra Post author

      I love all music! How I feel will dictate what I listen to at the moment. Thanks for stopping by! Sorry for my delayed response. Apparently I am slow at recovering from public appearances. :-/

    1. Debra Post author

      Those are two awesome #littlethings! When they discover the joy of reading…YAY! Thanksf or swinging by, Brittany!

  6. Christina Wagner

    I recently had an eye opening, proud momma moment. My daughter had to give a speech about her parents. She talked about the lullabies, songs, and stories I wrote for her and her brothers. To me they were something to calm them down or make them laugh, but to her it was something special, and that she plans on doing in the future with her children.

    Subscribed and liked.

  7. Tammie Browning

    Done all including the last couple at the end.
    Thank you for being a part of the hop and thank you for a chance to win.
    Little things are my grandkids smiles, laughs, hugs, kisses and on my many bad days that keep me in bed they will climb in and cuddle while we watch their shows, play their games, do homework or read together.


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